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Walking is a great way to discover more about an area, improve your fitness and save money on travelling. Walking is the most popular form of activity, and the risk of injury is low as it doesn't put pressure on your joints.
The benefits of regular walking include:

  • Health: regular walking can reduce the risk of many health problems such as coronary heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, anxiety and stress.
  • Quality of Life: walking can help with weight control, stamina, and energy levels.
  • Convenience: you can walk to most places at any time, you can also start slowly and build distances and pace up gently.
  • Cost: walking is free and you don't need any equipment, just a comfortable pair of shoes!

Multicampus map


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If you are unsure how long it might take you to walk take a look at this walking accessibility map


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Cycling to DCU

  • Cycling is a convenient, cheap way of getting around. It is also one of the easiest ways to get fit without the expense of a gym membership.
  • Good (and improving) network of cycle routes exist around DCU.
  • The map below will show you the approximate time to cycle to and from your campus. 


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Bike Sharing Schemes


BleeperBike is Ireland's first stationless bike sharing scheme. The bikes are equipped with a smart lock fixed above the back wheel of the bike, this smart lock controls usage of the bike by communicating with our free to download App. It takes less than 5 minutes to download the App and register your details.  See https://bleeperbike.com/ for details.


Similar to BleeperBike Moby is a bike sharing scheme but for electric bikes - see https://www.mobybikes.com/ for details.


Bike Clinics

The bicycle service clinics, run by the Rediscovery Centre (RCD) and supported by DCU SU and DCU Sustainability/OCOO will recommence again this semester on the Glasnevin, St. Patrick's and All Hallows campuses. These service clinics are open to all DCU students and staff and are operated on a first come first served basis and have proved to be very popular.   

The bike service is free and people pay only for any parts needed.  Also the bicycle mechanics are not miracle workers and cannot renovate a bike in the time allotted for a service - i.e. your bike should be basically road worthy and in need of a service and not a complete overhaul !!  

Semester I 2020/2021

To Be confirmed


DCU Glasnevin Campus (Tuesdays 12.30 - 16.00)
Location: Foyer in Albert College (outside AG00) across from Main Restaurant entrance.

DCU St Patrick's Campus (Wednesdays 12.00 - 15.00)
Location: Undercroft Block F


DCU All Hallows Campus (Wednesdays 12.00 - 15.00)  

Foyer of O’Donnell House

Ff you have more suggestion please send them to sustainability@dcu.ie 


Active Commuter Facilities

There are active commuting facilities available on all campuses.

Glasnevin Campus:

Albert College, The 1838 Club, ground floor (4 showers – 2 male/2 female).  

Albert College Extn (First Floor - 1 WC Shower) (across from A141)

Lonsdale Building (XB17/19 with 3 Female/3male). 

St Patrick's Campus: Changing/shower facilities beside cycle park in the undercroft of Block F

All Hallow's Campus there are changing/shower facilities on the ground floor of Snr House at the end of the long corridor. 

NOTE : Access to showers is Sports Complex on Glasnevin and St. Patrick's campuses are limited due to COVID 19 restrictions - contact Sports Complex directly for further information.


There are covered and uncovered cycle racks throughout the campuses.  Cycle racks have CCTV surveillance and are monitored by DCU Security however cyclists are strongly encouraged to ensure that they lock their bicycle appropriately with a strong lock.  It is recommended that both wheels and the frame should be locked to the stand.  Additional cycle parking is being installed at DCU Glasnevin with some also on the DCU SPD campus supported by the NTA.  Additional grant can be sought for further enhancing these facilities. 

Cycle To Work Scheme

The Cycle to Work scheme is a Government tax incentive aimed at encouraging employees to use bikes for cycling to work, and covers bicycles and accessories.  From 1st August 2020  the following changes apply to this scheme

·There is a rise from €1,000 to €1,250 for pedal bicycles and €1,500 for eBikes respectively. 

·The period of 5 years has been reduced to 4 years, therefore people are allowed to apply for the scheme again every 4 years. 

DCU offers the scheme to employees. For information on purchasing a bike via the scheme, contact DCU Human Resources.

For more information from Revenue on how the scheme works click here.

Getting Around By Bike!

The National Transport Authority has developed a cycle planner


 this currently allows you to plan your cycle trips in Dublin. You can choose the beginner/advanced route and you can also opt to avoid hills! The Cycle Planner will tell you how many squares of chocolate you’ve burned by taking this trip. It is hoped that the Cycle Planner will be available for other cities in the near future. For other locations the National Journey Planner can be used to plan your cycle trip.

Cycle Challenges for Staff & Students of all cycling abilities

The National Transport Authority runs an annual Smarter Travel Campus cycling event for staff called the ’10 Minute Cycle Challenge’ in May and a cycle event for students in October. These are fun team events and it is free to take part! There are also lots of great prizes on offer. Visit www.smartertravelcampus.ie for more information.