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Dialogue remains a persistent concern and interest for those working across the fields of education, humanities and social sciences. The challenges and the rich potential of dialogue cut across philosophy, literature, linguistics, pedagogy and the relevant sites and interstices of speech, expression, interlocution, reflection, relationship, ethics, criticism, the other/oneself, identity, difference, new and existing domains and modes of communication. Arguably dialogue is one of the most used, misused terms in common language. A broken dialogue is often at the root of many societal issues and the root of many broken dialogues is a partial and un-critical understanding of what initiates, animates and sustains dialogic encounters. A theorisation and a critical analysis of the intricacies and complexities of dialogue is therefore a worthwhile activity.

This interdisciplinary conference seeks to bring together a range of voices to share their passion for dialogue, to engage with the richness and expertise of diverse perspectives, and to explore both its limits and where relevant to celebrate its creative and systematic potential. The conference aims to not only to stimulate scholarly reflection but also to promote an enriching exchange across different disciplinary domains.