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Supported by the Erasmus+ Programme

DCU Erasmus Staff Teaching & Staff Training Mobility 

There are opportunities for staff to participate in a funded mobility for teaching or training purposes. The Erasmus programme faciliates staff teaching and training mobilities for a min of 2 days to 2 months.

Due to the institutional objective of increasing the numbers of staff participating, mobility periods will be funded for a maximum of 5 days (not including travel) within Europe:

**Brexit and Erasmus** (updated regularly)

Erasmus Staff Mobility for Teaching 

  • Allows DCU Academic/Teaching staff to teach at a pre-existing partner institution
  • Can be in any discipline
  • Duration of mobility must be between 2 and 5 days (excluding travel day)
  • Minimum 8 hours teaching
  • Visit must be agreed by hosting partner institution

More details on this opportunity can be found at: Guidelines on Teacher/Staff Mobility.  

FAQ & documentation for Erasmus Teaching Mobility can be found at: Teacher Mobility Application Information 

Erasmus Staff Mobility for Training

  • Allows DCU Academic & Administrative staff to undertake training at any participating institution.  Qualifiying activities include: job shadowing, training events, workshops & secondments. (Conferences are not funded)
  • Duration of mobility must be between 2 and 5 days (excluding travel day)
  • Minimum 8 hours training
  • Can be a combination of teaching and training for academic/teaching staff

More details on this opportunity can be found at: Guidelines on Teacher/Staff Mobility.

FAQ & documentation for Erasmus Staff Training Mobility can be found at: Staff Mobility Application Information

DELTA Scholarship for Academic/Teaching staff                  

The Erasmus+ DELTA Scholarship is a new opportunity for academic/teaching staff in higher education to enhance their professional development through a training period in another European country.  This initiative is the result of a partnership between the National Forum and the International Section of the Higher Education Authority, building on the success of the existing Erasmus+ mobility programmes.

The Erasmus+ DELTA Scholarship focuses on supporting the professional development of staff in Irish higher education, with a particular focus on the enhancement of teaching and learning, within and between disciplines. Those who decide to avail of this opportunity, to use their mobility period to focus on the enhancement of teaching and learning within their disciplines, can also gain national recognition for this commitment to their discipline, in the form of a National Forum digital badge

DELTA stands for Disciplinary Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment and is a core concept of the work of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education ( 

More information on the programme can be found by clicking on DELTA

To view the list of current Erasmus partners that facilitate Teacher mobility please click on the link below.  Additionally, the full range of global partners can be found on Google Maps

Partner Institutions for TM & SM