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Mitchell Scholars Program

DCU welcomes US students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in Dublin under the Mitchell Scholars Program.

"I am very glad that the Mitchell Scholarship gave me the opportunity to connect with Ireland at Dublin City University. The academic climate at DCU aligns more closely with higher education in the US, and I was able to acclimate easily to the coursework and dissertation. The students in my programme, both Irish and international, were not only warm and friendly but also intellectually engaging and from diverse backgrounds.  I greatly cherish the long-lasting friendships I made within the School of Applied Languages that continue to connect me across the great oceanic divide. If I am someday able to pursue the PhD, I would not hesitate to do further research with the professors at DCU who inspired me in more ways that I can count."

Ms Elizabeth (Betsy) Katz - Mitchell Scholar DCU  - Graduate of MA in Intercultual Studies

For more information on how to apply to the Mitchell Scholars Program click here.

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DCU is proud to have welcomed a number of Mitchell Scholars on the following programmes:

For the forthcoming 2018/19 Academic Year, DCU hopes to welcome two Michell Scholars who have chosen the following programmes:

Many scholars choose programmes from the Facutly of Humanities and Social Sciences at DCU.  The School of Law and Government had the pleasure of welcoming US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton to launch a new Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction at Dublin City University a few years ago.  During a significant and wide-ranging global human rights address in The Helix theatre entitled, Front Lines & Frontiers – Making Human Rights a Human Reality, Secretary Clinton announced the launch.   Click for further details of the event and to learn more about the Institute.  In 2017, President Bill Clinton received an Honorary Doctorate from the President of DCU, Prof. Brian MacCraith.  

For details of all one year taught masters programmes at DCU -  Click here.

If you require any additional information on the programme, please contact Ms Caroline Magee -