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Student Assignment Notification - DCUApps calendar


Student Information

As a DCU student you can now avail of a super new feature which enables you, the student to receive notifications of upcoming assignment due dates to all your digital devices via your DCUApps calendar once they have been scheduled on LOOP by your lecturer.

Please follow the instructions below to ensure that the assignment notification is enabled on your calendar:

  1. Click on this link to retrieve your personal URL
  2. Copy your personal URL 
  3. Open your DCUApps calendar
  4. Click "Other calendars"
  5. Click "Add by URL" & paste your personal URL
  6. Click "Add calendar"

Your upcoming assignments will now display on your DCUApps calendar. It is possible to sync your DCUApps calendar with any mobile device by following the instructions here .

Google Calendar Notifications are very flexible and you can control how often and when you get reminded of upcoming assignments. It is possible to change your Assignment Notification settings here

Please view this video to familiarise yourself with how to set up assignment notifications on DCUApps calendar

Please note the following points while using the assignment notification system:

  • The assignment must be scheduled in Loop by your lecturer to appear on your calendar.
  • These notifications are intended as a helpful guide only.
  • As not all assignments are in Loop, this is NOT a definitive list of assignments, it is a guide

Staff Information

This new service was developed by ISS in response to a number of engagements with students carried out during the previous academic year 2015/16. Students voted overwhelmingly in favour of this new service above many other choices. You can help us to ensure that this new service is a big success by following these three simple steps:

  1. Configure all your assignments in Loop. We advise that you set up your assignments and due dates in Loop so it appears on students’ calendars, even if you do not use Loop for assignment submissions.
  2. Please ensure the assignment due date in Loop is set correctly initially so that the correct dates are reflected in students’ calendars.
  3. If an assignment due date is changed or extended then the due date in Loop should be updated to reflect this.

Please view this video to familiarise yourself with how to set up and schedule assignments on LOOP