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Login Support

If you are having trouble logging into the DCU website please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Symptom - You get the following message "The username you entered cannot be identified."

    Solution - Ensure you are using the correct DCU username - check correspondence that might have it and if you still cannot contact the Helpdesk providing your student number.

  2. Symptom - You get the following message "The password you entered was incorrect."

    Solution - Ensure you are using the correct password - if you cannot remember your correct password please go to the password self service page at EasyPass and follow the instructions there to reset your password.

  3. Symptom - You are trying to access a file on the site direct from a link but keep getting returned to the login page with no error message.

    Solution - Go to, login in then use the link again and it should work properly.

  4. Symptom - None of the above solutions work.

    Solution - Sometimes, when using single sign in services, a web cookie from another service can go "stale". This causes login issues that usually resolve themselves as the cookie self deletes. In the meantime if you open a private/incognito window in your browser and use this to login this will avoid the stale cookie and allow you to login.

If none of the solutions above work then please contact the help desk by raising a ticket at