Assistive Technology

Technology plays a fundamental part in teaching and learning here at DCU for all students.  

Assistive Technology (AT) allows individuals with disabilities to perform tasks they might otherwise be unable to complete and to overcome challenges like reading, writing and examinations.

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology is any item that enhances an individual’s independence. This can include:

  • Text-to-Speech Software 
  • Dictation Software
  • Recording Software/ Digital Dictaphones
  • Screen Reading/Magnification Software
  • Adaptive Keyboards and mice
  • Loop Systems

 Accessing Assistive Technology in DCU

In order to access AssistiveTechnology Supports, Students must be registered with the Disability and Learning Support Service.

Students may then be referred by the Disability and Learning Support Service to the Assistive Technology Officer for assessment and training.

The Disability and Learning Support Service utilise a range of Assistive Technology to facilitate and encourage independent learning.

Assistive Technology (AT) in DCU

The DLSS offer a wide range of AT to DCU students.  Below are some examples of software the DLSS provide and utilise that all DCU students and staff can access and may find helpful.  There are also resources and links to learn more about the software and how to use it.

Claroread Pro Software can assist students with:

Claroread provides reading and writing support tools for any student looking to make the reading and writing process easier. Find text-to-speech, word prediction, spell check, proofreading and more in one easy to use program.  You can convert PDF's to accessible PDF's or to word using the Scan feature.


  • Text to speech
  • Proofreading
  • Spellcheck

Please note that site license software runs on a subscription basis, and only applies while you are a current student in DCU. Once you are no longer a student, you will no longer be entitled to install/use the software.

To use Claroread Cloud and/or install Claroread for windows or Mac you must first agree to the DCU Disclaimer.   You will then be granted access to the log in details to access Claroread Cloud.  All DCU staff and students have access to use the Claroread Cloud  OCR (Optical Cloud Recognition Software), Chrome Apps and a number of iOS and Android apps.  Windows and Mac users can also install Claroread Pro/Plus along with a number of extras.  You also have access to download over 30 different vocalisers.  

For more information on Claroread Pro please go to the Claroread website or check out the Youtube channel.

Please note DCU hold a site licence for ClaroRead Pro for Windows. This software is also available for students and staff to use on campus within the student labs where Windows 10 is installed. We do not hold a site licence for Mac users, this is restricted to students registered with the Disability Service who require the software and should be requested from the Assistive Technology Officer

Install Claroread for Mac & Windows


Sensus Access is an automated document conversion service that allows students to convert readings into formats that more accessible to work with such as MP3 files, E-books and Digital Braille books.

You can use SensusAccess to convert your

  • Slides & lecture notes
  • Scanned PDF documents
  • Pictures of text captured with your smartphone
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Journal articles

This service is available to all students through the DCU Library.

Free to use Typing Software is a free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels. includes entertaining typing games, typing tests, and free official typing certification.

For more information on please go to the Website

Students with learning difficulties can access a range of tools within Microsoft Applications that can help increase focus, concentration and understanding.  These tools can help students improve their reading and writing skills.

For more information on the tools available from Microsoft please check out the Microsoft Accessibility webpage.

Apple products have a great built-in accessibility centre including speak screen which can read text aloud on your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

To explore the Apple Accessibility centre and read about the features Apple provides check out the Apple Accessibility webpage.

Assistive Technology Assessment and Training

After registering with the Disability and Learning Support Service (DLSS), students referred for AT will be contacted by the Assistive Technology Officer.  Students will be asked to complete a quick online Assessment.    It requires general information on the student but more importantly, the students AT needs for the duration of their study period here in DCU.

The AT officer will then meet with the student to discuss their AT assessment and referral from the Disability Officer and then the technology and training will be provided.

Other accommodations such as exam support and any other needs on campus may also be discussed.

Additional training will be given to any students who requires or requests it and is subject to the student's needs and will be carried out over the course of the semester.

Throughout the year the AT Officer may also send out additional support regarding software and hardware via email.


For further information on any of the above please contact the Assistive Technology Officer:

Contact Information
Assistive Technology Officer Mary McGovern
Phone Number (01) 700 5091
Location Room CG28 Henry Grattan Building

For Further Information please contact by email: or Phone (01)7005091.