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Apps Anywhere

What is Apps Anywhere?

Apps Anywhere is an application virtualisation service that allows you, the user to install software applications on-demand to your DCU managed PC or laptop.

How does it work?

Using this system, virtualised applications are streamed to your computer allowing them to run and perform as if they were natively installed.

Applications are managed by the player so they can be installed and removed much quicker than traditionally installed applications.

It also means that ISS are able to manage upgrades for you so you will always be running the latest version of each application available.

Where can I use Apps Anywhere?

Apps Anywhere is available in all DCU student computer labs.

If you are using an ISS managed computer then the cloud player will be installed on your computer already.

The installation and upgrades of the player are handled by ISS meaning you are ready to start using DCU licensed software right away.

Launching an Application
  1. From a Chrome browser type into the search bar and press enter.
  2. You will land on the DCU Apps Anywhere webpage.
  3. Enter your DCU username and password & click on Sign in.
  4. Locate the application you wish to use.
  5. To Launch the application, hover the mouse cursor over the application and click on the green launch button.
  6. For more info, hover the mouse cursor over the application and click on the grey More Info button.
  7. Click on the Launch button.The Cloudpaging Player will now launch and the application will begin to virtualise.
  8. Once the Software is virtualised click on the launch button to run the Software.
  9. The software is now opened and ready to use. Once you are finished using the software, close as normal.
Please Note:

    • You will also be asked to log in to the DCU network to authenticate your session. 
    • You must remain logged in for the duration of your session using any of these applications. 
    • If you log out of the DCU network at any stage, you will be prompted to log in again when you run another application.