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Student Printing


Student Printing

Welcome to the Student Printing Section of the ISS Website.

 General Printing Information 

General Printing Information

Multi Function Printer

DCU uses Papercut as the printing management system.

Papercut Information PDF

To login to Papercut click on the image below:

Papercut login

Multi Function Printer provides several functionalities such as:


Tutorial on how to use the photocopier


For tutorials on how to print follow the links below:


For tutorials on how to scan follow the link below:


  • Print Queue –  Print jobs are submitted to a queue - rather than a specific printer.
  • Follow Me – collect your B&W print jobs from any device.
    • You may collect black & white print jobs from any MFP device.
    • You may collect colour prints ONLY from colour MFP devices.
  • 2 hours – collect your prints within 2 hours (deleted after 2 hours - no charge).
  • Secure - authenticate to use device/collect prints (student card or username & password).
  • Single sided printing is default. You must manually select duplex before printing if required.
  • Funds remaining on a student account at the end of the year can not be refunded or transferred to another student.
 How to Top-Up PaperCut Account Balance 

How Do I Top-Up My PaperCut Account Balance?

To top up your PaperCut account balance using a Redeem card:

  1. Login to your PaperCut account here, using your DCU network username and password.
  2. In the left hand menu, click on 'Redeem card'.
  3. Type in the redeem card number and hit Return.
  4. Once you've entered this, the redeem card voucher value will be added to your printing account.

Note: Redeem cards can be purchased from the Library Issue Desk for €2. The ISS Service desk do not sell these cards.

To top up your PaperCut account balance using a Credit/Laser card:

  1. Login to your PaperCut account here, using your DCU network username and password
  2. In the left hand menu, click on 'Add Credit'
  3. Your username and current balance will be displayed, as well as a drop down list of the amount to add to your account.
  4. Select the amount you wish to add (€2, €5, €10, €20 or €50) and click 'Add Value'
  5. You will be redirected to a secure RealEx server, which will prompt you to enter your credit/laser card details.
  6. Once you've entered these details and they are verified, you will be presented with a link to return to your PaperCut account page.

Note: ISS do not have the facility to transfer unused PaperCut credit back to Credit/Laser cards




QUICK GUIDE: How to Photocopy


Step 1:

swipe cardTouch your Student Card on the target to begin         






Step 2:


device functions       A: Touch  'Device Functions'



      B: Touch  ‘Copy’





 Step 3:


document feed tray and face down on glassPlace the originals face up in the document feed tray or face down on the glass.

                                                                      Note:  Do not place torn or stapled papers into the feed tray.



Step 4:

selection screenTouch the screen to select the ‘No. of Sets’ required                    




Step 5:

blue start buttonPress the Blue Start Button        

access buttonCollect your copies from the tray underneath and press the ‘Access’ button to log out          

 Printer Locations & Rates 

Printer Locations & Rates 

Duplex Discount €0.02 less per page || Scanning is €0.02 per scan.

Glasnevin Campus

 LocationRoomModePaper SizePrinter Type
B&WColourA4Multi Function
LibraryGround Floor x 4YesYesYesYes
LibraryFirst Floor x 1YesYesYesYes
LibrarySecond Floor x 1YesYesYesYes
School of NursingGLA H102 x 2YesYesYesYes
Business School (Open)GLA QG28YesYesYesYes
Business School (Open)GLA QG30YesYesYesYes
Henry Grattan(Salis)GLA CG08YesNoYesYes
Henry Grattan (Open)GLA CG60YesYesYesYes
Henry Grattan (Comms)GLA C106YesYesYesYes
Henry Grattan (Comms)GLA C116YesYesYesYes
Health & Human PerformanceAG41YesNoYesYes
Health & Human PerformanceXB27YesYesYesYes

St Patricks Campus / All Hallows Campus

 LocationRoomModePaper SizePrinter Type
B&WColourA4Multi Function
LibraryGround Floor x 2YesYesYesYes
LibraryFirst Floor x 2YesYesYesYes
LibrarySecond Floor x 1YesYesYesYes
D BlockSPC D109YesYesYesYes
D BlockSPC D318YesYesYesYes
AHC SG13YesYesYesYes
 Printing from a Laptop 

Printing from a Laptop

Students can now print from their laptops to any MFP device across campus, by uploading a file to the WebPrint server.

To print a document using Web Print:

  1. Login to your PaperCut account here, using your DCU network username and password
  2. In the left hand menu, click on 'Web Print'
  3. Currently active web print jobs you have submitted will be displayed. To submit a new print job, click on 'Submit a Job'
  4. Select the 'FollowMe' queue you wish to print,
      "Follow Me B&W" for greyscale printing
      "Follow Me colour" for colour printing
  5. Then click '2. Print Options and Account Selection'
  6. Enter the number of copies you wish to print and click '3. Upload Document'
  7. Click on 'Browse' and locate the document that you wish to print (Bear in mind that only the following file formats can be submitted to the WebPrint server):
    1. Word file (.doc, .docx)
    2. PowerPoint files (.ppt, .pptx)
    3. Excel Files (.xls, .xlsx)
    4. Adobe PDF files (.pdf)
  8. Click 'Upload and Complete' to submit the job to the print server.
  9. After you send your job to print, you must physically go to the printer you want to print from and then ‘release’ it.
  10. Hold your Student Card to the target sticker or enter your DCU username and password.
  11. Using the touchscreen, press OK. A list of submitted print jobs will appear. Click PRINT ALL to print all the jobs in the list. Or select the print job, The printer display will show your print job details and cost. Here there are two options, The PRINT option will print the printing job and the CANCEL option will delete the printing job.
 Papercut Refund Request 

Papercut Refund Request

Given the large volume of printing, paper jams, toner problems and print quality issues will inevitably occur.

PaperCut allows users to request a refund for problematic jobs that have failed to complete but have been charged to your account.

  1. Log in to the user web interface here using your DCU network username and password.
  2. Locate the first, failed print job on the Recent Print Jobs page.
  3. Click the [Request Refund] link.
  4. Enter the amount to be refunded, and the reason for the print job failure. Please bear in mind that we cannot refund print jobs that are due to user error (e.g. incorrect document printed, printed to colour instead of black and white, document not formatted correctly)
  5. Click Send.
  6. Once you've submitted the refund request, proceed to the ISS Service Desk (Ground floor of the library, or opposite the main DCU canteen) to approve your request.
  7. If possible, please bring the output of the failed print job showing the particular problem encountered.