Course Builder


Course Builder

Coursebuilder system is supported by ISS on behalf of the OVPLI

Coursebuilder is a development tool for teaching and learning, designed to assist staff with the writing of module descriptors in terms of learning outcomes in the short term and to facilitate on-going academic development in the future.

Course Builder User Guide

A user guide can be downloaded by staff once they've logged into Course Builder. 

Course Builder Login

You can login to the system with your standard DCU network username and password. Please contact ISS if you need to have your network password reset.


Important Note

Only staff assigned as TEACHERS on the latest approved version of a module in the course builder system will be automatically checked/imported/enrolled as the teacher for the module on the loop system.

Module coordinators in course builder are NOT automatically imported/enrolled as the teacher in the loop system.


ISS do not make changes to modules on course builder. Faculty admin offices make all changes on course builder system.