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Materdei DCU Apps Migration FAQ

This page is specifically for Materdei students who had an old DCU webmail accountprovided before the launch of DCUapps/Gmail accounts. This explains what changes on December 17th, 2010 and how to move your mail messages and address book if necessary.

What happens to emails sent to my @materdei.dcu.ie account? Answer..

  1. From the date when you received notification that your Google Apps account has been created up until the 17th of Decemberany email sent you your existing @materdei.dcu.ie email account will be automatically copied to your Google Apps account (i.e. there will be a copy of each email sent to your @materdei.dcu.ie address in both your @materdei.dcu.ie and your Google Apps @mail.dcu.ie account).
  2. From the 17th of Decemberany email sent to your @materdei.dcu.ieaccount will only appear in your Google Apps account

What will happen on December 17th ? Answer..

  1. Messages will no longer arrive into your old DCU webmail mail account, any message sent to your old webmail account will be forwarded to your Google Apps @mail.dcu.ie account.
  2. You should stop sending messages from your old account
  3. You may still log into your old account at the same location https://mail.dcu.ie/mail/main
  4. The passwordused to access your DCUapps Gmail account may be differentto your old email password - as Google Apps authenticates to Active Directory - the credentials you use to login to lab PCs, portal etc.
  5. You may log into your new DCUapps Gmail account here
  6. You may start using your DCUapps Gamil account to send email
  7. You will now have access to online documents and calendar
  8. Your email address WILL change from email.address@materdei.dcu.ieto email.address@mail.dcu.ie

What will NOThappen on December 17th ? Answer..

  1. You will NOT lose any email
  2. If you have a forward/copy mail rule in webmail it will NOT work automatically in the new DCUapps Gmail account. You will need to set it up.

What will happen to my old DCU email account ? Answer..

After December 17th, 2010 you may still login to webmail to check old emails. Webmail will no longer receive new mails. Mail will only arrive in your DCUapps Gmail account. Please do not use the old system to send emailafter December 17th.
On Janurary 17th you will no longer be able to login to your old webmail account.

Will my DCUapps Gmail password be different to my webmail password ? Answer..

The old webmail password was originally set to your registration password but was independent of your DCU network password. You may have changed your email password over the years but this did not change your network password.

The password to access your DCUapps Gmailwill be your DCU network password. This is the password used to access your portal page, moodle, PC's on campus. If your old email password was the same password then nothing will change for you.

Alumnimay need to contact the Alumni Office if you do not remember your network password.

How can I move my old messages to my new account? Answer..

You can move your existing mail to your new account, however it isn’t possible to keep the folder structure. You can use Gmail Labels after moving the mails across to reorganise them. To learn more, see Google's Gmail label help page.

You will need to move all of the mail in your account to the inbox in order to import it into your DCUapps Gmail account. To do this;

Log in to webmail and move all mail from folders into inbox.

  1. Click on the folder you want to export the mail from.
  2. If you can’t see all the mails that are in that folder, click All Messages at the top.
  3. Select all the mail in that folder by clicking the top check box to the left of the mail.
  4. Click the Select Folder drop down menu at the top and select Inbox.
  5. Click the Move To button to move all the mails from that folder to the inbox.

Repeat this process for all foldersthat you have set up in your mail account.

N.B. If you wish to transfer your Sent folder messagesyou should copy these to the inbox also.

Once you have all your DCU mail in your inbox, close your webmail session. This is important as you will get an error when trying to import your mail if the account is still logged in. If you access DCU mail through an application such as Thunderbird or Outlook, close it also.

  1. To transfer your mail, log into your DCU Gmail account.
  2. Click Settingsat the top and then click Accounts.
  3. Beside Get mail from other accounts, click Add a mail account you own.
  4. You will be prompted with a pop up box to add your Email address.
    Type in your DCU mail account details with the domain @materdei.dcu.ie.
    e.g. Joe.Bloggs1@mail.dcu.ie would type in Joe.Bloggs1@materdei.dcu.ie at this stage.
  5. Username: is your original email address - e.g. Joe.Bloggs1@materdei.dcu.ie
    Password: is your old webmail email password
    POP Server: mail.dcu.ie
  6. Tick the checkbox to 'Leave a copy of the retrieved message on the server'
    This is important in case something goes wrong during the transfer of messages - you will still have the originals intact.
  7. If you wish to archive all the mail from your DCU webmail account, select Archive incoming messages (Skip the inbox).
  8. Click Add Account. You should select no when asked if you wish to send mail as this user.
  9. This will start the process of bringing down all the mail in the inbox of your old DCU webmail account to your new DCUapps Gmail account. This process may take a few minutes also.
  10. If you receive an error message, check that you have your DCU webmail session closed or mail program such as Thunderbird closed.
  11. Once the messages are transferred it may appear that you have less messages. This may be caused by the fact that google groups your messages in conversations.
  12. It is very important to check your Spam and Trashin DCUapps Gmail after the transfer. Google may mistakenly place some of your messages in here. If left there they are deleted after 30 days.
  13. Once you are happy that all your mail has transferred correctly please delete this account from your DCUapps gmail profile. There will be no new mail arriving into the old account so it is pointless leaving the connection in place. Also when your old DCU webmail account will be deleted on Janurary 17th 2011 - if you leave the connection in place it will cause errors after this date.

Can I export my old email address book to my new Gmail account? Answer..

You can export your address book from your DCU webmail account and import it into DCU Gmail account.

  1. Log into your DCU mail account.
  2. Under settings, click on Address Book.
  3. Click the Import/Export button. Click the export option on the pop up window.
  4. Save your address book to your computer as addressbook.csv.
  5. Log into your DCU Gmail account.
  6. Click Contacts (located below your list of views) on any Gmail page.
  7. Click Import in the top portion of the Contact Manager.
  8. Click the Browse... or Choose File button and locate the addressbook.csv file you created from your DCU mail account.
  9. Select the file and click the Import button.
  10. Once you've successfully uploaded the document, your DCU Gmail account will display the number of contacts imported.

Further information from Google

Google help with errors when importing contacts