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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are general questions related to DCUapps and it's implementation. To see more specific information for existing students, including help with moving old messages and your address book, try our Frequently Asked Questions for Existing Studentshelp page.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is Google’s email program. Gmail provides more than 6 gigabytes of storage and contains features such as integrated chat and phishing protection. For more information, see Google’s Gmail information page.

Will I keep the same email address with DCUapps?

Yes. You will continue to use your existing @mail.dcu.ie email address to send and receive email.

Can I sign up if I already have a Gmail account?

Yes. DCUapps is a separate account that allows you to send and receive Gmail (Google email) using your @mail.dcu.ie email address. Your DCUapps account provides the benefits of Gmail in an ad-free environment.

Why can't I log into my account through the Google site?

DCUapps is DCU's installation of the Google Apps for Education software suite, which Google offers to educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Due to account customization and security requirements, users must log in through DCU's authentication system.

How do I use my DCU Gmail account ?

The links below will help you set up your DCU Gmail account the way you want.
Gmail settings
Labels and Filters
Mail Attachments

How will I control spam?

Your new Gmail account will be protected from spam by Google’s antispam software. There will be a spam label below to inbox to check if mail has been incorrectly marked as spam.

Further information from Google

Can I use other email programs to access my DCUapps email?

Yes. You can access your DCUapps Gmail account using IMAP and mobile email programs. See the links below for more information. When configuring your email program, write your username in the following format: username@mail.dcu.ie and use your Google password. Once you have configured your email program, you will send and receive email using your @mail.dcu.ie address.
· Mobile (web, Blackberry, iPhone)

Why do I need two passwords?

There are two passwords associated with your DCUapps account to protect your DCU password. You will use your DCU password to log into Google’s web-based applications through the DCU login gateway, or authentication system. You will use a separate Google password to access non-web-based services, such as getting your email on a mobile phone or using Google Talk.

Note: Your log in username is the first part of you DCU Gmail account, e.g. If the address is joe.bloggs4@mail.dcu.ie, the username is joe.bloggs4

How do I share documents with students or others who have DCUapps accounts?

You can share documents with anyone who has a Gmail account by listing the person’s Gmail address in the Share This Document screen. If you enter an email address of someone without a Gmail account in the Share This Document screen, that person will receive an invitation to create a Gmail account.

If you enter an @mail.dcu.ie email address for someone who does not have a DCUapps account, that person will receive an error message when attempting to view the message. If you wish to share documents with a DCU student, faculty, or staff member who does not have a DCUapps account, you must provide the correct email address for that person.

Further information from Google

Why is it that my DCUapps account doesn’t have the same applications as my personal Gmail account?

Your DCUapps account is part of a software suite called Google Apps for Education, which Google offers to educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Google decides which services to include in the Google Apps for Education software suite

What if I want to use a Google program that is not offered through DCUapps?

If you wish to use a Google program that is not included in DCUapps, such as Google Groups, you can use your personal Gmail account. If you do not have a personal Gmail account, you can sign up for one at www.google.com.

How do I use Google Chat?

Chat help is provided by Google here.