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DCU Apps was launched in September 2009 for Students and will become fully available for Staff over course of Summer 2013. DCU Apps is DCU's installation of Google Apps for Education, a suite of online software applications that Google offers to educational institutions and non-profit organisations free of charge offering excellent benefits.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is one of the foundations of the DCU Stategy 2012-2017. DCU Apps is a fantastic set of modern applications which is continually updated and upgraded helping DCU to keep pace in a fast changing IT world. These modern business tools will form an important part of the President's vision for a '21st Century Digitial Campus' where state-of-the-art IT is part of the DCU fabric. Some benefits for DCU at a glance:

  • Data Storage: Students and staff are provided 30GB of Email and Drive storage (similar to Dropbox).
  • Reliability: 99.9% monthly uptime percentage: Google Apps SLA.
  • Common Platform: Staff and students of DCU (and the linked colleges) using one common set of applications.
  • Web Based Access: All applications available from any web browser - no need to install additional software.
  • Cost Savings: The services are provided by Google at no cost to educational institutions.
  • Ease of Use: Google employs vast teams of usability experts who continually update and improve the products.
  • Mobility: DCU Apps are easily configured and synchronised to all your mobile devices allowing 24 X 7 access.

Are other universities using Google Apps ?

Yes. There are many other universities using these tools in Ireland and abroad. Trinity College Dublin (TCD) have been using the tools for students for a number of years now. University College Dublin (UCD) have just recently installed the email service for staff as have University of Limerick (UL).

Arizona State University talks about their use of Google Apps

University of California, Riverside discuss using Google Apps.

Are the DCU Apps services secure ?

Many of Google's information security team have advanced degrees and are thought leaders who are defining the industry's security practices. They take security very seriously as their business model depends on information security being paramount. In DCU Apps, all browser based information is transmitted securely using SSL.

What about the environment?

There are environmental benefits to using DCU Apps which fit nicely with DCU's Environmental Sustainability Strategy. As these services are cloud based they will not contribute to our energy consumption on campus, thus helping to reach our goal of 3% reduction in energy use each year.

Sharing sensitive information by email

Unencrypted email is not a secure way to transfer sensitive information regardless of the email solution or where that email solution may be hosted ('in the cloud' or 'on premises'). Advice in this regard is not changing as a result of a move to an email solution provided by Google.

Encryption should be used to protect sensitive data sent by email. The DCU Data Handling Guidelines should be referred to for guidance as to what data should be encrypted.

Instructions on how to encrypt data to be sent by email is contained on the ISS Encryption page.

DCU's agreements with Google Inc

On foot of advice from DCU's legal advisors, DCU has entered into agreements with Google Inc to provide the services we refer to as 'DCU Apps'. These services are provided by Google Inc. Certain Google services are covered under the 'Google Apps for Education Agreement'. These services are referred to as 'Core Google Services'. The Core Google Services are Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Groups.

Services that do not form part of the Core Google Services are referred to as ‘Google Consumer Apps’. General 'Google Terms of Service' apply to these products. Examples include, but are not limited to, YouTube, Google+ and Google Maps. Google's Privacy Policy forms part of Google's Terms of Service.

Google Apps Acceptable Use Policy applies to all Google services.

All members of the DCU community are encouraged to review the terms of service and applicable policies of all Google services they intend to use. DCU routinely receives advice from the University’s legal advisors in relation to Google agreements.