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What are Class Lists

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Class Lists

This facility is available to all staff of DCU and provides access to the student registration database. It is available on campus and also off campus by providing your DCU network username and password. This means that staff members can search for details on individual students or modules etc.

 Log onto Class Lists 

Log onto Class Lists

You can log onto the classlists page at

Once you load this page you will see the picture below

Class List Screenshot

 How do I find Individual Students? 

How do I find Individual Students?

By using this link you may search the registration database for details of a particular student. You may search using a student number or student name. Enter only one name or student number and click on start search. It may take several seconds to return a result.

search by name

Number Search

If you have entered a correct student number you will retrieve information for that student including name, programme, and a link to additional information as below.

link for more information

By using this additional information link you will retrieve a page of information on the student. Included will be the following information as shown in the picture below ...

  • a photo of the student
  • link to list of all students registered for this programme
  • mailto link for this student
  • link to this student's webspace address
  • link to this student's class timetable
  • list of modules student is registered for
  • link to further information on modules this student is registered for

the page with more information