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DCU Account Password Change

DCU Account Password Change

You can change your DCU network password using the process in the box below. This is your account for logging into all applications and services.

For information on password security and changing your DCU Network Access Password click here.

Your DCU account may contain personal and sensitive information, which in the wrong hands could be used for the purposes of identity theft. Keep your account secure by doing the following:

    • Use a strong, unique password
    • Keep your password private and never share it
    • Protect your data by being aware of phishing attempts
    • Any e-mail requesting your login credentials should be treated with suspicion - please remember that DCU ISS will never ask for your details via e-mail

If you are locked out of your DCU account, you can contact the ISS service desk on 5007.

ITS & Core Supervisor Password Resets

If you need your ITS or Core Supervisor password reset, please contact the ISS Servicedesk at 5007 as this can not be given by
e-mail for security reasons.
Please have your staff number ready for security.