ICT Policies and Guidelines

The University provides ICT systems and services to support students and staff in fulfilling the requirements of their course, research or role. 

A full list of DCU policies is available on the DCU Policies page.

All users of ICT systems or services provided by the University should be familiar with and abide by the following :

Title Policy Owner Approval Date File Upload
Asset Management Policy ISS Asset Management Policy
Data Classification Policy ISS Data Classification Policy
Digital Access Control Policy ISS Digital Access Control Policy
Digital Systems and Cloud Services Policy ISS Digital Systems and Cloud Services Policy
Information & CommunicationsTechnology (ICT) Security Policy ISS Information & CommunicationsTechnology (ICT) Security Policy
Internet Domain Naming Conventions Policy ISS Internet Domain Naming Conventions Policy
Mobile Computing Policy ISS Mobile Computing Policy
Network Connectivity Policy ISS Network Connectivity Policy
Password Policy ISS Password Policy
Remote Access Policy ISS Remote Access Policy
Use of Computer Resources - Code of Conduct ISS 139-use_of_computer_resources_v2.pdf


DCU ICT Guidelines ICT Code Of Conduct Statements Other Relevant Policies
DCU Data Handling Guidelines DCU ICT Code Of Conduct DCU Social Media Usage Policy DCU Privacy & Cookie Statement
DCU Data Protection Guidelines DCU Data Breach Reporting Procedure (Staff Only) HEAnet – Acceptable Usage Policy  
Email Messaging Guidelines      
DCU Web Hosting Guidelines      
Removable Media Security      
Guide to Encrypting Laptops, Mobile Telephones and Portable Storage Devices