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DCU Apps Migration FAQ

The following questions and answers provide more specific information on DCUapps for existing students. You may also find the general page of Frequently Asked Questions helpful.

This page is specifically for Alumni and students who had an old DCU webmail account provided before the launch of DCUapps/Gmail accounts on September 9th 2009. This explains what changes on September 9th, 2009 and how to move your mail messages and address book if necessary.

Will my DCUapps Gmail password be different to my webmail password ?

The old webmail password was originally set to your registration password but was independent of your DCU network password. You may have changed your email password over the years but this did not change your network password.

The password to access your DCUapps Gmail will be your DCU network password. This is the password used to access your portal page, moodle, PC's on campus. If your old email password was the same password then nothing will change for you.

Alumni may need to contact the Alumni Office if you do not remember your DCU network password.