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filtering your spam

What are mail filters ?

A mail filter will analyse each mail message that arrives in your mailbox and perform some action depending on what rules you have set up. They are commonly used to filter mail into special folders. This means that messages do not arrive in your inbox but directly into a folder you have created.

Why filter your spam ?

The main problem with spam is that it arrives in your inbox. It takes time to sift through and may offend you. You now have the option of filtering your spam. This will mean that you do not have to read the spam mail. It can all be collected in a special folder which you can check from time to time and then delete.

Why use Webmail to set up filters ?

This ensures that filtering happens on the mail server. Spam filtering will not be affected by which mail client you use or how it is configured. The filter will work regardless of whether you check your mail in DCU or away from the office, on Mac or PC.


We strongly recommend that you follow these guidelines

  1. Set up a 'spam folder' in webmail (not local mail)
  2. Set up a filter in webmail
  3. Follow the instructions on how to read the 'spam folder'