ISS Information Systems & Services - how to read your spam folder - Netscape


  1. It may help to print this page before you begin.

  2. Select your 'spam folder' so you can view the subjects and senders of the messages.

  3. Do not click on any of the messages to view their contents

  4. Using the scroll bar on the right hand side scroll down to the end of the messages.

    Spam Folder View - Netscape

  5. View the sender and subject of each message as you go - checking for non spam

  6. If you find a valid message read and/or copy it to a new folder

  7. You should now be ready to delete all the messages in this folder. Ensure you have read and/or copied all non spam messages you found. Click on the white space at the bottom of your window.

    Spam Folder - Whitespace

    Clicking on the white space prevents activating any messages. You will notice the edge of the window is darkened to show that you have activated the window.

  8. On your keyboard, hold down the 'Ctrl' button and 'A' at the same time. This should select all messages in the folder as below.

    Spam Folder - Selected

  9. Hit the delete key on your keyboard to remove all messages from the folder.