ISS Information Systems & Services - how to read your spam folder - Webmail


  1. It may help to print this page before you begin.

  2. Once logged into webmail click on the spam folder. The messages appear in the top right section of the screen.

    Spam Folder Link

  3. If you have less than 20 spam your folder view should look like this

    Spam Folder View

    If you have more than 20 spam you have a link to view 'All Messages' as below. Click on this.

    All Messages Link

  4. Do not click on any of the messages to view their contents

  5. View the sender and subject of each message - checking for non spam

  6. If you find a valid message read and/or move it to a new folder. We are about to delete all messages in this folder

  7. You should now be ready to delete all the messages on view. Ensure you have read and/or moved all mails of interest (non spam). There is a checkbox oppposite each message. Above all those there is one checkbox which is not opposite a message. Tick this box to activate all checkboxes.

    Main Check Box

  8. Click the Delete button to delete all messages

    Delete Button

  9. Click the Expunge button to permanently remove the messages

    Expunge Button

    Click ok when asked if you are sure.

    Remove Deleted Messages