ISS Information Systems & Services - how to rename a file

  1. It may help to print this page.

  2. Open windows explorer

    Hold down the windows key (between Ctrl and Alt) and the 'e' key


    Select Start, Run

    Select Start Run

    Enter explorer in the Open text box and click ok


  3. Navigate to where the file is so that you can see the icon

    File Icon  -

  4. Right click on the file and select Rename from the menu

    Right Click and Select Rename from menu

  5. The file name will appear highlighted as below. Do not click on the image.
    Simply type the new file name or e.g. if you are reversing the process.
    file2 zip selected for rename Space renamed to

  6. Now click on the icon of the file. You will be presented with a dialogue box asking if you are sure. Click Yes.

    file2 renamed click on icon space rename dialogue box

  7. The icon of the file will change. If you rename a file to .DCU it will appear as below. This is normal. If you are reversing the process the normal file icon will appear.

    file2 New Icon