ISS Information Systems & Services - how to set up a 'spam folder'

Why do you need a spam folder ?

  • Allow you to delete all your spam without opening it
  • Store your spam so you can check it for false positives


  1. It may help to print this page before you begin.

  2. Log into Webmail with your mail username and password.

  3. In the navigation bar to the left under the heading 'Folders' click on the 'Personal' link.

    Personal Link

  4. This will make a section called 'Personal Folders' appear at the top right of the screen.
    Click on the button 'Create New Folder'.

    Create New Folder Button

  5. In the bottom right section of the screen a new area appears entitled 'Folders ยป New Folder'.
    Into the text box for 'Folder Name' type the word spam and click 'ok'.

  6. This new folder should now appear in the section called 'Personal Folders'

    New Spam Folder

  7. Now you are ready to set up your spam filter.