ISS Information Systems & Services - how to set up your spam filter

Why do you need a spam filter ?


  1. It may help to print this page before you begin.

  2. Log into Webmail with your mail username and password.

  3. In the navigation bar to the left under the heading 'Settings' click on the 'Preferences' link.

  4. This will make a section called 'Preferences' appear at the top right of the screen. Click on the link 'Filters'.

    Filters Link

  5. In the same section of the screen (top) a new area appears entitled 'Preferences » Filters'. Click on the button for 'New Filter'.

    New Filter Button

  6. In the bottom right section of the screen a new area appears entitled 'Filters » New/Edit Filter'.

    Filter Subject Section

    • Into the text box for 'Filter named' type the word spam
    • Tick the check box opposite If
    • From the first drop down menu select 'Subject'
    • In the text box enter the line below

      { *** SPAM *** }

      The line above must be exact. Please copy and paste it.

  7. Scroll down further in the same section until you see the word Then on the left.
    Filter Folder Section
    • Tick the check box opposite Then
    • From the drop down menu select the folder spam

  8. Scroll down to the end in the same section. Tick the check box to stop processing any other filters.

    Filter Match Checkbox

  9. Click the ok button at the top of the section as shown in instruction 5 above. In the top section of the screen you should see the new filter appear as below.

    Spam Filter

  10. Please follow the instructions for reading the spam folder