Laptop Loan Information

The Laptop loan scheme is currently unavailable due to COVID restrictions

Laptop Loan Information

The laptop loan self-service unit is a student service designed to enhance the provision of computing facilities for students allowing them to borrow a laptop for use in the library.

Located on the ground floor of O'Reilly library, opposite the ISS Service Desk, and on the first floor of Cregan library, again opposite the ISS Service Desk, students have the option of loaning a laptop by scanning their student ID card and take the laptop from the locker number shown on the screen. Laptops should be returned to the cabinets half an hour before the library closes. Please ask at the ISS Service Desk if you need any help. Laptops are issued without a power cable or mouse - battery life is over 7 hours.

 Laptop Loan rules

Laptop loan rules

  • You must have a valid DCU Student ID card, without any outstanding library debts. You will need your student card to return a loaned laptop
  • The laptop is for use only in the library and is security tagged. Do not take it out of the library, even in the event of an emergency evacuation.
  • The Library cannot be held responsible for damage to files or data loss incurred whilst using the laptop.
  • Save any work to a pen drive or cloud storage such as your DCU Apps Google Drive. Any work or material saved to the laptop will be lost when it is turned off or runs out of battery power. You should return it if you get a low-battery warning
  • Only one laptop can be issued per transaction, you must return the previous loan before another can be issued
  • You are responsible for the laptop during the loan period. Do not leave it unattended at any time or loan it to anyone else. If there is an issue with a laptop you should notify an ISS staff member immediately or you may be held responsible.
  • Fees will be charged for stolen, lost, damaged or late returned laptops.
  • Laptops are available from the self-service laptop cabinets anytime the Library is open.
  • Laptops from the self-service cabinets are issued for 3 hours
  • You must shut down the laptop before returning it to the locker.

You must comply with the ICT Acceptable Usage Policy which specifies acceptable and prohibited ICT activity. All ICT usage is automatically logged and may be monitored. Sanctions will be applied for a breach of the policy.

Item Fee
Fine for late return €0.50 per hour
Laptop requires repair €50
A laptop is returned in an un-repairable condition (as specified by third party supplier) €500
Laptop is stolen €500

 Laptop Loan FAQ's

What is the specification of the laptops?

There are 24 Dell Latitude laptops running Windows 10 and 12 Acer C730 Chromebooks, wireless-enabled and are ready to connect to eduroam. The laptops have Microsoft Office 2016 installed and are securely wiped after a short period.

Who is the service for?

The service is available free of charge to all registered students of the University. The laptop self-service unit is located opposite the ISS Service Desk and student print area on the ground floor of the DCU library.

Where and when can the laptops be used?

The laptops are for use in the library only and should not be taken outside of the entrance and exit barriers.

Laptops are available during Library opening hours and must be returned half an hour before the Library closes.

How do I borrow and return a laptop?

Laptops are available on a first-come-first-served basis and cannot be booked in advance.

To borrow a laptop:

  1. Press Login on the screen
  2. Hold your Student card up to the card reader on the front of the laptop cabinets.
  3. Check the screen to see which laptop has been issued to you.
  4. Open the locker, unplug and remove the laptop.
  5. Close the locker and take your receipt.
  6. Press Return Laptop on the screen
  7. Hold your card up to the reader.
  8. Check the screen to remind you which locker you are using.
  9. Select I Will Leave using the buttons below the screen.
  10. Open the locker, plugin and replace the laptop.
  11. Close the locker and take your receipt.

To return a laptop:

Tip: The power cable must be reconnected to the laptop when returning to the locker or the system won’t see it and you may incur a late fine. Check that the red light at the side of the locker has illuminated to confirm that the system sees the laptop and is charging.

What can I access using the laptop?

  1. Eduroam (WiFi Network)
  2. Office 2016
  3. Google Drive
  4. Google Chrome
  5. Internet Explorer 
  6. USB ports for using memory sticks and other devices

Saving your work

You can save your work on a USB drive or cloud storage such as your DCU Apps Google Drive which has an unlimited capacity for each DCU student.

Please save your work regularly – if, for any reason, the laptop is turned off, any work that has not been saved will be lost.

Do not save your work to the laptop’s My Documents or Desktop as it will be lost when the laptop is switched off.

What's not allowed on the laptops?

No personal software or programs may be loaded onto the laptops.

What are my responsibilities?

You are responsible for following the Laptop Loan Rules, and complying with University policies. You must return the laptop on time or you will be fined €0.50 per hour.

If the laptop or its peripherals are damaged, or if parts are missing, your library borrowing privileges will be suspended and you will be charged for the repair or replacement of the laptop plus associated service fees.

If the laptop is not returned, sanctions will be applied in accordance with the Library Policy and the Laptop Loan Rules. Your library borrowing privileges will be suspended and you will be charged for the full replacement cost of the laptop, currently €500.

Who is responsible for theft or damage?

You are responsible for damage to or theft of a laptop in your possession. For your own security, please do not under any circumstances leave a laptop unattended. You are responsible for the full replacement cost of €500 for the laptop issued to you, or for costs in line with repair as charged by our third party supplier. The laptops are forensically marked to deter theft and to assist identification and recovery.

Can I bring in my own laptop to access the internet in the library?

Yes. You can access the eduroam wireless network with your own laptop using your DCU student and password. Follow the instructions at

Can I plug in the laptop?

Laptops are issued without a power cable or mouse - battery life is over 7 hours.

Please save your work regularly – if, for any reason, the laptop is turned off, any work that has not been saved will be lost.


You can print wirelessly by uploading the document you want to print in SafeQ and submitting it to a printer. For more information go to

Getting help

Help is available at the ISS Service Desk opposite the Self-Service unit in the library.