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DCU Proxy - SCP / SFTP

The DCU proxy can also be used to gain SCP / SFTP access to an external server. You may use an scp / sftp client which supports SOCKS. The example below uses WinSCP.

SCP / SFTP Access (WinSCP)

Firstly we need to set up WinSCP to use our proxy. (See window below)

  • Tick the 'Advanced options' box in the bottom left of the window
  • In the left hand pane select the 'Proxy' option
  • Tick the 'SOCKS5' option at the top of the window
  • Under 'Proxy host name' fill in
  • Under 'Port number' fill in 1080

WinSCP SOCKS proxy settings

Now we need to fill in the details for the site you wish to connect to.

  • Select Session in the left hand pane
  • Under Host name fill the name of the server you wish to connect to
  • In User name and Password enter the details for your external site

WinSCP login settings

Click the Login button at the bottom of the window and you will be connected.
Now you can simply drag and drop files to and and from your remote site.