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Back up and recovery


Back up and recovery

 Back Up 

All servers and network drives are backed up several times per day by ISS. Data is also mirrored offsite to a remote data centre. In the event of a disaster occurring at the data centres on the Glasnevin campus, we have the ability to run critical services from the remote data centre.

Backups are archived at a second remote data centre, where they are retained for up to six months.


Data is retained for the following periods:

  • Daily backups (Monday to Thursday), are retained for two weeks
  • Weekly backups (Fri or Sat or Sun) are retained for five weeks
  • Monthly backups (every fifth weekend) are retained for six months

If files are lost or corrupted, the sooner we are informed, the better the chances of restoring.  If it is discovered within two weeks, we can restore to the previous night’s backup.  Any longer than that, we can only restore from the previous weekend or previous month, depending on the time that has elapsed.

 Requests for Restores 

The following information is required by ISS in order to restore files.

  • The name of the server where the files were stored, and the full name of the directory/folder which contained the files.
    eg. L:\Files\Common files
    To find your directory go to My Computer click on required network drive and again go to your folder.
    Then put your cursor on the top bar and press control button and A (select), next control button and C (copy) then control button and V (paste).
  • The date when the files were last known to exist, before they were deleted or corrupted.