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Domains and Hosting


Domains and Hosting

All DCU staff members and students are given web space and a web address, through Google sites 

Below are the different options available to you.

 Laptop External Domain and External Hosting 

External Domain and External Hosting

If you require a unique domain name not associated with DCU. (Please talk to the website owner the Communications and Marketing department, who will advise) 
e.g., or
The best option is to use a hosting company who can also sell you a domain name.
For a fee, usually per annum, they can provide

  • Online purchase of required domain name
  • A hosting account for your site which can be managed through a web browser
  • Email addresses for your domain. e.g.
  • Automatic installers making it easy to set up blogs, picture galleries etc.
  • Automatic creation of mysql databases for web applications
  • The latest open source hosting software - php/apache/mysql

Please note that '.ie' domains are 4/5 times more expensive than '.com', '.net', '.org' and also may take longer to set up and may require supporting documentation.

There is a list of domain resellers on the IEDR's website. Any of these resellers can provide the services listed above. One that we can recommend and have experience with is

Click here for the list of Domain Resellers

 External Domain and DCU Hosting 

External Domain and DCU Hosting

This is the scenario where you would like a unique domain name (e.g. but would like DCU to host the website on our servers. This is the most complicated setup of the three options.
The required steps are:

  • Make an application to DCU executive. See DCU Internet Domain Naming Conventions Policy
  • On approval from executive request ISS to host the DNS zone for your domain
  • ISS set up DNS zone on name servers and You will need this information for the next step.
  • Once DNS zone is setup by ISS purchase your domain from an approved reseller. Provide the 2 name servers above when doing this.
  • Request web account from ISS to upload your site

This option will only provide ftp access, no email accounts, and no automatic installers. Approval by executive can take some time.