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Student Network Drives


Student Network Drives

ISS recommend that you use your DCU Apps Drive account to keep files and documents stored as they are stored online and can be accessed from outside DCU.

Logging on to PCs

When the PCs in the labs are switched on and Windows operating system has loaded, a logon box is displayed. The box contains two areas that need to be filled in manually: the USERNAME and PASSWORD boxes.

Drive Mappings

Once you have successfully logged in, it is important to know the file sharing and file storage options available on the DCU network. By double-clicking the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop you will see the following network drive mappings.

Drive H

This is your personal file storage area of 50MB on the network. No other users have access to the information stored here.

Drive I

Network applications are stored in this location. In most cases icons for software contained in the I drive are available on the desktop.

Drive N

DCU staff can post files to this drive. Files located here can be viewed by anyone logged onto the DCU network. Information stored here is read only. Your lecturers will let you know where to find information relevant to you.

Drive X

This is a scratch directory that acts as a shared public area for all students. The purpose of the scratch drive is to offer a place where all students have full read/write/delete access, for the temporary upload of files that can be shared between other students. All files stored here can be viewed and deleted by any student, for this reason any confidential information must not be saved here.

The X: drive is not backed-up and any files deleted from the X: drive cannot be retrieved! It is automatically purged (deleted) on a regular basis and once purged files cannot be retrieved.
For these reasons only use the scratch drive X: as a temporary confidential file share area.