EasyPass, DCU's new automated password self-service.
EasyPass, DCU's new automated password self-service
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EasyPass, a new automated password self-service for DCU's staff and students


EasyPass is a safe, secure and convenient way for you to reset or change your DCU password and to unlock your DCU account independently of ISS.

To enjoy all the benefits of EasyPass:

  • Please visit easypass.dcu.ie
  • Log in with your DCU user name and password.
  • Register an alternate non DCU email address.
  • This email will be used in the process to unlock your account and to change your password.


  • Enhancing passwords with passphrases.
  • Reset your passphrase from anywhere, at any time.
  • Never be locked out of your DCU account again.
  • Convenient mobile app.

 Advice on the creation of a new passphrase:

  • Minimum length should be at least 14 characters.
  • Must contain both upper and lowercase characters.
  • Must not be a palindrome.
  • Must not contain any character more than twice consecutively.
  • Must not have 5 consecutive characters from the username.

Please visit our password information web page for more detailed advice on the creation of a new passphrase.

To enjoy of the benefits of EasyPass you will have to register an alternate non DCU email address via easypass.dcu.ie