Request for lab software install


Request Lab Software Install

ISS currently liaise with various departments and faculties regarding the software that is installed for teaching and learning purposes in the school owned labs. Due to the time and effort in installing and testing the software, as well as the downtime in the lab as we deploy the software, we generally do not accept software requests made during term time.

Only in exceptional circumstances will we be able to do this, so we request that users who wish to install additional software in the labs do so well in advance of the start of semester.

To make a request to have a software package installed in the lab, please go to: Please note the following restrictions when requesting software:

  1. The software must be purchased and licensed for every machine in the lab
  2. The faculty/department who own the lab must give permission for the install to go ahead
  3. Time-limited trial software will not be installed
  4. You must be available to advise ISS on any configuration requirements for the software
  5. Full rollout to the lab is contingent on user acceptance testing and sign off on a test machine