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Anonymous Marking

 Web Exam Update Manual 

Anonymous Marking Web Exam Update Manual

This document is a user guide to the Anonymous Marking Exam Update System (Via the Web).

It is intended that this guide is used in conjunction with training being provided by ISS / The Registry.

Important Notes

  1. The web entry for exams is only available internally on the DCU staff network or by using the VPN system from off campus.
  2. Please contact your school secretary if you do not see your correct modules. The school secretary can update the module specifications system to grant you access.


This application is accessed via the web (preferably Internet Explorer). It can be accessed by the logging onto the Anonymous Marking web page:


Logon is by your Novell username and password.

Anonymous Marking Login



This screen has a drop down menu for module, qualification and year.

Anonymous Marking Operation

Select The Following

    • Module (drop down Menu) (if your module is not displayed, contact your school secretary)
    • Programme
    • Year
    • Full Field or One (One if just entering the final exam mark)

Note: If you only select the module (leave the programme and year blank) then all modules linked to the qualification will be displayed.

Click on the 'submit this module' button to display your class.

Name of Qualification, year, module & exam month.

Anonymous Marking Login


  1. The student is identified by exam number only (6 digits).
  2. Fields 1 to 10 are either for entering exam questions results or entering the total exam result.
  3. When the values are entered the calculate button will add up the values.
  4. All questions or total exam result ** must ** be out of 100%.


Enter values (total out of 100%) are entered into relevant exam question fields.

Anonymous Marking Login


  1. Marks entered can be saved and returned to at a later date by pressing the 'Save this mark Sheet' button.
  2. The remaining marks can be entered by logging onto the system again.
  3. This process of saving may be completed as often as necessary.
  4. Anonymous Marking Login

  5. When all the results have been entered and the user is satisfied that they are complete the commit flag is ticked.
  6. The 'Save this mark sheet' button must now be pressed.
  7. Anonymous Marking Login

  8. The above message is displayed.
  9. To compete the commit press the 'Continue to commit this record' button.
  10. The mark sheet can either be printed out or can be saved by using the 'save as' option under the file button.
  11. A statistical report can be generated by pressing on the 'generate report on this module' button. This report must be run prior to committing.
  12. Once the records have been committed the examiner cannot access the record through this system again.
  13. The full results will be only be available on the staff members Portal Page when the faculty staff commit the both the Exam and CA results.