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IRIS Dashboards

To go directly to IRIS click here or otherwise check out the support information below

Programmes Review Information 

Programmes Review Information

  • To log onto IRIS (Dashboard) CLICK HERE
  • To view Programme Review user guide CLICK HERE
  • For support on technical issues contact Service desk ext 5007

The Presidents office alongside Research and Innovation Support and ISS have come together to create a series of reports and dashboards  based on student and research data. New reports and functionality are in the pipeline.

This data is available to authorised users at  dashboards  Currently only available over the DCU network, fixed or mobile.

Due to the nature of  the data,  access is strictly controlled and is granted by the Reporting Group Chair. Users are required to have completed DCU data protection courses before accessing the system.

Each report contains its own  unique FAQ and help guide to guide you through the report structure and explain the data you are viewing, all fully compatible with MS office and pdf download

The system is intuitive and requires a browser, URL and network password to access. Click HERE to see a video on how to use the system. Users can create their own individual customised dashboards as required using existing reports.

Dashboards work across all browsers and both windows and macintosh environments. All data is fed live from systems, however once displayed in manipulable (sorts, hide columns etc) by a user

Dashboards  Mobile 

Dashboards  Mobile

As part of the roll out of DCU reporting dashboards, those staff with access to student or research dashboards as well as viewing them  over the internet can also view these on the move  on Iphone or Ipad, using the IPhone  mobile app  (search App store for Oracle business intelligence mobile).

You can view a promotional video on youtube here. 

 Initially this service is available on campus wired network and to those users on DCU secured wireless network eduroam

To configure
  1. Download the app
  2. Select Add server
  3. Name DCU, Host, enter DCU username  and password  and select save
  4. Assure you are on the eduroam network  (settings, wi fi  and select eduroam) 


As well as being available on mobile and fixed devices allowing access to the data anywhere on campus, users have the option if required of  "data accessibility" , this allows users to display all graphical elements of the report as text. This allows for further screen readers, download to excel tables or if you just to wish to manipulate the data in a table.  

To enable accessibility mode using keystrokes:

  1. Sign into Oracle BI EE, as described in "Signing In Using Keystrokes".
  2. Press TAB multiple times to navigate through the global header, until the focus is on your user name in the Signed In Asarea.
  3. Press ENTER, then TAB to highlight the My Account link.
  4. Press ENTER to display the "My Account dialog".
  5. Press TAB to select the "My Account dialog: Preferences tab".
  6. Press TAB to navigate through the fields on the tab until you reach the Accessibility Mode options.
  7. Use the arrow keys to select the On option.
  8. Press ENTER to save your changes and close the dialog.
  9. Refresh the page to see it displayed in accessibility mode.