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Teaching and Learning for Staff


Teaching and Learning for Staff

Welcome to the Teaching and Learning section of the ISS website.

The Teaching Enhancement Unit (TEU) have the main responsibility for teaching and learning support and development in DCU.

ISS work closely with the TEU to provide and maintain systems such as Loop (Moodle) which is used by the majority of academic staff and students in DCU.

Loop Connect is also provided by the Teaching Enhancement Unit. Loop Connect software offers immersive online meeting experiences for collaboration, virtual classrooms and large scale webinars.

If these pages do not answer your teaching and learning query, then please contact us or the TEU as you think appropriate.

Teaching & Learning Services

 Course Builder 

Course Builder

Coursebuilder is a development tool for teaching and learning, designed to assist staff with the writing of module descriptors in terms of learning outcomes in the short term and to facilitate on-going academic development in the future. The Coursebuilder system is hosted by ISS on behalf of the Office of the Vice-President Academic Affairs - OVPAA. Should you have any queries in relation to the overall running and structure of Course Builder please refer to the OVPAA

Course Builder Login

You may login to the system with your standard DCU network username and password. Please contact ISS if you need to have your network password reset.

Loop/Anon Marking

Faculty office will assign  module coordinators and teaching staff. This in turn will populate Anon marking  and links to Loop. If you are unable to access your anon marking or moodle please check with you Faculty office that you have been correctly assigned. 

User Guide

A user guide can be downloaded by staff once they've logged into Course Builder. 

Further Help

If you require further help or instruction on using the system please contact the Associate Dean for your faculty as listed below.

Associate Deans

Faculty Associate Dean
Humanities & Social Science Dr Jennifer Bruen
Engineering & Computing  Dr Garrett McGuinness
Science & Health  Dr Greg Foley
DCUBS   Dr Caroline McMullan
DCU Institute of Education   Dr Justin Rami

Technical Support

Please contact ISS if you experience any technical issues such as:

  1. Unable to load the Coursebuilder login page
  2. Unable to login to the system with your standard DCU network username and password
  3. No access to modules in Anonymous Marking
  4. Database errors after login to the system
 Lecturing Timetables 

Lecturing Timetable

The DCU lecture timetabling system, Scientia is supported by ISS on behalf of the Registry. This system is used across the university by faculty to create the DCU academic timetable.

ISS have built and maintain the web front end to the timetable

Lecturing Timetable System

 Loop for Staff 


Loop is DCU’s Online Teaching Environment which provides staff and students with access to electronic teaching and learning materials (such as lecture notes and links to useful websites) and activities (such as discussion forums, group assignments, reflective journals and quizzes).

The way that Loop is used in DCU varies from module to module: in some cases Loop resources and activities may be additional supplements to lectures and tutorials; in others Loop activities may be fully integrated into your coursework.

Logging into Loop

  1. Open your web browser and go to (Use Google Chrome)
  2. In the login area, enter your DCU network username and password

After you log in, the "My courses" block on the left-hand side of the screen will display links to the modules that you have access to. Greyed out courses are not currently available to the students on that course.


Formal training on how to use Loop is provided by the Teaching Enhancement Unit

More information on Loop

 Loop Connect 

Loop Connect

Loop Connect software offers immersive online meeting experiences for collaboration, virtual classrooms and large scale webinars which can be accessed via Loop. Loop Connect enables students and instructors to communicate synchronously using audio, video, text chat, interactive whiteboard, application sharing, instant polling etc.

Connect to Loop Connect

  1. Ensure that you have the latest version Adobe Flash installed
  2. Install the Adobe connect Meeting
  3. If you encounter an issue, please contact the TEU

For Apple or Android Tablets or Smartphones

  1. The Adobe Connect Mobile app for Android devices is available to download from the Google Play Store
  2. The Adobe Connect Mobile app for IOS devices is available to download from the App Store
  3. Once installed, look for the "Connect" app on your device.
  4. The app will not start automatically if you click on a link to a Connect meeting, you will need to type or copy-and-paste the Meeting link (URL) into the app

How the TEU Supports the Virtual Classroom

  1. If you wish to teach using Loop Connect you first must contact the TEU to organise your licence and training.
  2. The TEU delivers on-going workshops and training for staff on the pedagogical integration/use of the virtual classroom in online teaching practices and the technical setup and features of Loop Connect

Useful Resources

Participant Essentials: DCU Student Guide to Loop Interact can be downloaded here

 Anonymous Marking 

Anonymous Marking

Important Notes:

  1. The web entry for exams is only available internally on the DCU staff network or by using the VPN system from off campus. See the following links instructions on VPN setup .
  2. Please contact your school secretary if you do not see your correct modules. The school secretary can update the module specifications system to grant you access.
 Anonymous Marking Amendments 

Anonymous Marking Amendments

The following amendments have been made to the Anonymous Marking System

Amendment 1

Amend the selection criteria on both the Exam & Continuous assessment web marks entry screen.

Amend the selection criteria so that 'Programme' and 'Year of Study' options are optional fields. This allows an examiner to select a module and all students for that module across multiple programmes and display them on one screen, grouped by programme. This also allows the examiner to select module and programme and/or year of study, and view all the students that match those criteria, giving complete flexibility of choice. The advantage to examiners is that they are allowed to access modules taught over multiple programmes in an easy manner, grouped per programme, while maintaining the granularity of access using all three selection options.

Amendment 2

Amend the sort order of the examiner reports displayed on the portal pages

Amend the sort order of the examiner reports displayed on the portal pages to allow examiners to sort by Student exam number (if available), alphabetically by student name and by programme. The advantage to examiners is that they are now able to choose the sort order and change the sort order depending on the nature of the request. This will provide easier access to locate results for individual students.

Amendment 3

Amend the examiner report on the portal page to make key information available earlier.

Make continuous assessment and exam marks available on the examiner portal page before the final marks and result is calculated i.e. before the data has been entered into the ITS Study Record by the faculty office. The advantage to examiners is that they can identify how students performed at an earlier stage based upon the exam & continuous assessment marks. Please note the exam number will only be visible when the exam mark has been uploaded.

 Diploma Supplement - Digitary 

Diploma Supplement - Digitary

Information on the Diploma Supplement is available at

You can access your Diploma Supplement at the following DCU web address:

It is important to note that access to your Diploma Supplement is password protected.  When you log onto the web address above you will be prompted to enter your username and password.  The username and password that you enter is the same that you used, as a student, to access the information on your student portal page.

If you have forgotten your password, please forward an email requesting a new password to

If you have any queries regarding the document or the details recorded on your Diploma Supplement, please email your query to and a staff member from the Registry will contact you.