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Call Charges


Land lines

Ring Master

The telephony services section of ISS is responsible for administering the call charging system for all calls from the University. The system currently in use for this is called Ringmaster.

Ringmaster Image

The Ringmaster system monitors the duration and destination of all outgoing calls. The charging table then calculates the charge for each individual call. This is a basic charge and does not include the VAT and fixed charge. These are added during processing at a later stage by the finance department.

Reports are automatically generated on a monthly basis and sent to the head of each school/unit. This provides a list of the extensions within each school/unit and the basic call charge for each extension. At the same time a summary is sent to the finance department, they add the Vat and the fixed charge, and use the Agresso system to make inter-departmental transfers for the relevant amount.

If required, it is possible to provide more detailed reports. This can include reports within a set period, detailed reports for a particular extension, lists of extensions included within a particular department, etc.

For more information on any of this, to request a report or to update any of the information on the department lists, please contact us.


Mobile phones

Mobile Phone Rates

You can find our mobile phone charges details below

Mobile Account Rates