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Writing Content for the Web


Writing Content for the Web

ISS encourages you to publish your own web-site. Here are the steps to putting a web page on the World Wide Web (www)

  1. Have an account on a web server
  2. Create html page(s)
  3. Put the html pages on the web server

Your Account

As a staff member of DCU you have an account on our webserver. Your account username and password are those you initially received for your E-Mail and Novell login.

Your own web site address (URL) is

So if your username is bloggsj then your web address is
You have up to 20Mb of disk space on the DCU web server to enable you to publish your own web pages.

How to Create a HTML Page

Another excellent tutorial is available at

How to put your HTML page on your web site

Once you have created your HTML/web page(s) on your local machine you need to transfer them onto the web server machine. Here are instructions on how to do this.