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School of Law & Government

Research Interests and Expertise



Law - Areas of Research Expertise

Constitutional Law: constitutional law and political theory; role of judges in democratic societies; socio-economic rights in international perspective; environmental rights and constitutional law.

Criminal Justice: restorative justice; mental health and the criminal process; criminal procedure and the pre-trial process; European criminal law.

European Law: citizenship and the EU project; post-crisis social rights in Europe; environmental law in Europe.

Family and Child Law: same sex marriage and cohabitation; families created through assisted reproduction; domestic abuse

Healthcare Law: the right to care and care in the labour market; legal accountability of the medical profession; assisted reproduction and the law; decision-making in mental health tribunals.

Science, New Technologies and the Law: medical law and bioethics; genetic privacy and data protection

International Law: transitional justice; peace-building and economic development in international law.

Law and Discrimination: theoretical perspectives on discrimination; genetic discrimination and the law; disability law; law and religion in plural societies.

Law and Dispute Resolution: arbitration and mediation.


Government - Areas of Research Expertise

Terrorism: cyberterrorism; violent online political extremism (including jihadis’ online strategies and the online activity of the extreme right); role of women/gender in violent extremism and terrorism.

Political Regimes: Presidents, Prime Ministers, political leadership, political institutions, presidentialism, parliamentarism; semi-presidentialism.

Comparative Politics: including comparative political economy, especially sovereign debt; comparative European politics; business and politics.

Politics of Europe and the EU: European Union Common Foreign and Security Policy/European Security and Defence Policy; French politics; Polish politics.

Politics of the Middle East and North Africa: international relations of the Middle East and North Africa; mobilisation and social movements in the Middle East and North Africa.

Democracy and Democratisation: Theories of authoritarianism and political regimes; reformism.

Post-Soviet Politics: dynamics of politics in Russia and the former Soviet Union (including Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Central Asia and the Caucasus).

Unrecognised / de facto states: dynamics of domestic and foreign policy in de facto states; viability and political systems of unrecognised states; influence of external forces on de facto states.

Irish Politics: Irish foreign policy, public opinion, neutrality.

Development Studies: politics and development in Africa; gender and politics; relationship between States and Civil Society; governance and participation; civil society and community, media and development.

International Relations and International Political Economy: the politics of global finance; the political economy of international relations.

Foreign Policy: US foreign policy; Russian foreign policy; EU foreign policy; Irish foreign policy; the discursive legitimation of foreign policy practices; relationship between national identity narratives and foreign policy.

Conflict and Conflict Resolution
: mediation; peacebuilding; post-conflict reconstruction.