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Getting Started With Evidence-Based Management


Thursday, 28th April 2016




DCU Business School, 3rd Floor


Rob Briner - Professor of Organisational Psychology at the University of Bath’s School of Management

Eric Barends - Managing director of CEBMa (

Presentation: Getting Started with Evidence-Based Management

Big data, evidence-based, predictive analytics, today these terms are all over the place. Is this just another fad or an irreversible trend?  An increasing group of managers and business leaders rely on science, critical thinking and data analyses to make decisions.

Evidence-based management, however is still percieved by many as too time-consuming, narrow or impractical.  Meanwhile, evidence-based practice is becoming mainstream in many other disciplines such as medicine, education, criminology, public policy, and policing.

This is the momentum for pioneering managers and business leaders to seize the opportunity and make a difference with evidence.

We will enter into the dialogue about the why, the what, and most of all the how of evidence-based management.  How to get started and how to blend it with softer, less tangible management practices?  A pragmatic introduction, with realistic ambitions and openness towards other approaches.


The "Getting Started with Evidence-Based Management" event is kindly sponsored by the Irish Institute of Training and Development.



Rob Briner is professor of organisational psychology at the University of Bath’s School of Management and a founding member of the Center for Evidence-Based Management.  Briner was ranked third Most Influential UK Thinker in the HR Most Influential list.  (Ph.D., VU University Amsterdam) is the managing director of the Center for Evidence-Based Management. He has twenty years of management experience, fifteen years at the senior management level, including five years as an executive. He advises and coaches managers, senior leaders, and executive boards of large and medium sized companies and non-profit organizations on evidence-based decision-making. In addition he frequently runs training courses on this topic and serves as a visiting lecturer at several universities and business schools such as Carnegie Mellon University, New York University and the VU University Amsterdam.


Eric Barends is the managing director of CEBMa. He has twenty years of management experience and advises organizations on evidence-based decision-making. In addition he is a visiting lecturer in universities and business schools in Holland, the UK and the US.   (Ph.D., University of Sheffield) is so well known in the world of psychology that he needs very little introduction.  He is now Professor of Organisational Psychology at the School of Management, University of Bath.  He was previously at Birkbeck College, University of London and completed his PhD at the Institute of Work Psychology (previously SAPU) at the University of Sheffield.  His main research interests for over 25 years centre on the reciprocal links between work conditions, psychological well-being and various behaviours (e.g. engagement, job crafting).  He also works on a number of more specific topics such as ethnicity, absence and work-nonwork relationships.  An important part of his work is now on evidence-based management and evidence-based organisational psychology.  He has published and presented widely on the topic and also runs numerous workshops and training events.  


 Dr Claire Gubbins (DCU Business School)

Dr Claire Gubbins - DCU Business School/ DCU Leadership & Talent Institute

Claire is a Senior Lecturer of Organisational Behaviour & HRM at DCU, Director of DCU's Executive MBA Programme, Associate Editor for Human Resource Development Quarterly (an SSCI listed journal). Prior to this, Claire was a Fulbright Scholar at Carnegie Mellon University USA, a Senior Research Fellow on the Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research (ICMR) project on Tacit Knowledge Management, Learning and Systems, a Senior Research Fellow at the Enterprise Research Centre with the University of Limerick working in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin on the ICMR project on Training and Training Information Support. She was a Lecturer in Management and HRM at University College Cork and a Lecturer of HRM and Organisational Behaviour with the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick.  She received the DCU Presidents award for Excellence in Teaching (Assessment & feedback) in 2013 and was a nominee in 2011/2012/2015. 

She has presented at numerous academic and professional conferences and published book chapters and articles in such journals as Organization Studies, Human Resource Management (US), Journal of Management Inquiry, Advances in Developing Human Resources, Human Resource Development Review, Journal of European Industrial Training, among others. 

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