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A Qualitative Study on the Consequences of Intensive Working. Melrona Kirrane, Marianne Breen & Cliodhna O'Connor (2017)

Investigating the role of discrete emotions in silence versus speaking up. Melrona Kirrane, Deirdre O'Shea, Finian Buckley & Joanne Prout (2017)

Employee involvement climate and climate strength: A study of employee attitudes and organizational effectiveness in UK hospitals. Bosak et al (2017)

Intragroup processes and teamwork within a successful chamber choir. Melrona Kirrane, Cliodhna O'Connor, Ann-Marie Dunne & Patricia Moriarty (2016)

Linking perceived management support with employees’ readiness for change.. Melrona Kirrane, Margaret Lennon, Cliodhna O'Connor & Na Fu (2016)

Women in Management: The Leadership Pipeline 2016. Melrona Kirrane (2016)

Perceptions of High-Involvement Work Practices, Person-Organization Fit, and Burnout. S Kilroy, Patrick C. Flood, Janine Bosak & D Chenevert (2016)

Women in Management: The Leadership Pipeline 2015. Melrona Kirrane (2015)

The Persuasive Leader: Lessons from the Arts. Stephen J. Carroll & Patrick C. Flood (2015)

Integrating global mobility and global talent managent: Exploring the challenges and strategic opportunities. David Collings (2014)

Toward Mature Talent Management: Beyond Shareholder Value. David Collings (2014)

High-performance work systems & organisational performance in emerging economies.Mehmet Demirbag, David Collings et al (2014)

Discipline and punish? Strategy discourse, senior manager subjectivity and contradictory power effects. Penny Dick & David G.Collings (2014)

The Routledge Companion to International Human Resource Management. David Collings, Geoffrey T. Wood & Paula M. Caligiuiri (2014)

Change Lessons From The CEO: Real People, Real Change, Johan Coetsee & Patrick Flood (2013)

Global Talent Management. Hugh Scullion & David Collings (2011)

Leadership in Ireland:Insights from Contemporary Irish Leaders in the Public, Private, & Voluntary Sectors. P Flood & A McDermott (2010)

Leadership, Human Resource Management and the Content of the Psychological Contract. Patrick C. Flood, Edel Conway et al (2008)

Running Head: Self-Ascribed Fit of Women and Men. Janine Bosak & Sabine Sczesny

Gender stereotypes and the attribution of leadership traits: a cross cultural comparison. Janine Bosak & Sabine Sczesny 

Articles & Contributions

The Five Fundamentals of Effective Performance Management. David G.Collings & John McMackin 

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What top talent want? David Collings 

Great Place to Work: HR Manager Survey 2016 Patrick Flood & Janine Bosak 

This is the evidence for Talent Management David Collings 

Maximising Learning & Development from International Assignments David Collings 

Seven Myths of Global Talent Management David Collings 

Think Manager, Think Male? Janine Bosak 

DCU MBA Blog: Lights, Camera, Action! Leadership on the Organisational Stage Melrona Kirrane