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DCU Library is pleased to announce its first ever postal loan service.

Beginning on March 8th, and running for  4 weeks, those who cannot access DCU Library at this time can order up to 5 books for postal loan. 

Service extended for a further 2 weeks until Friday 16th April 2021.

This service is free and open to all DCU students and staff currently residing in the Republic of Ireland. 

To accommodate as many people as possible, applications will be restricted to one order per person

As library staff numbers on site are limited, please request only material you really need for final assignments, exam study and research activity.

For those living within travelling distance of DCU, please continue to use our Click + Collect Service, where possible.

All orders must be made online. The links to the order forms are available in the “How do I make an order?” section.


All currently registered DCU staff and students with an address in the Republic of Ireland.

Please Note: While we can send books to staff/students living in Northern Ireland, we are not in a position to cover the costs of posting books back to DCU.


Please submit your single order online through the Pick & Post Order Form of your preferred library:

  DCU O’Reilly Library Pick & Post Order Form

  DCU Cregan Library Pick & Post Order Form

Click on the link which best fits the library where the items are held. For example, if all the books in your order are held in O’Reilly Library, then use the O’Reilly Library order form. If the majority of books in your order are held in the Cregan Library, then use the Cregan Library order form.

If your order contains books from both sites (including Request Collection) your preferred site will organise transit and post your complete order to you.

Note - please do not make a separate order, as this service is strictly limited to one order per person.

To avoid delays in processing your request, please check the library catalogue for all relevant information - author, title, year of publication and shelfmark of the item(s).

Please rank in order of priority as depending on size, it may not be possible to send all books through the post.




The service is strictly limited to one order per person, up to and including 5 books depending on book size and availability.

We will supply one polybag (H:40cm, L:46cm) and can only supply items which can fit into the bag.

This is a FREE service for all currently registered staff and students of DCU currently residing in the Republic of Ireland.

DCU Library will cover the cost of posting your ordered items to you, and also the costs of posting them back to us.

Please Note: That while we can send books to Northern Ireland, we are not in a position to cover the costs of posting books back to DCU.


We will aim to process orders within 2 working days.

When complete, you will receive a confirmation email and your book(s) will be posted along with a pre-paid returns polybag.

Final date of delivery will be determined by An Post.


All print material and DVDs which are typically available to borrow from Click + Collect.

You may request up to 5 items.

Not included: Dissertations, Reference material, Newspapers, Print Journals, Education Story Sacks and Teaching Kits, plus items in Special Collections & Archives.

Please Note:

  • Ebook titles and books already out on loan are not eligible for inclusion in this service.
  • Where multiple copies are listed for key texts, one copy will be retained by the library to satisfy the Scan & Send service

All loans will be issued for 3 weeks from the date of the received confirmation email. Staff requests will be loaned out for the semester.


When your order has been processed and is ready for posting, we will send you a confirmation email to your DCU email account.


All undergrad/taught postgrad items ordered will be issued for 3 weeks when they are posted out.

Loans can be renewed online at My Account if you are not finished with them by the due date.

Staff/Research postgraduate loans will be issued for the full semester.


When your ordered items arrive, you will find enclosed a ready to go returns polybag with a DCU Library address label and a red express An Post label pre-attached.

When you are ready to return loans, place book(s) into this provided polybag, seal and bring to your local An Post office for posting.

Note: Only one returns polybag will be supplied. If you do not return all loans together, please return loans via the book returns facility available in both libraries.


Library staff are available to answer queries Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm.

O’Reilly Library
Phone: 01 700 5041           Email:

Cregan Library

Phone: 01 700 9134           Email:


  • This is a free postal scheme - no charges will apply.
  • Strictly one order per person.
  • We can send books to those resident in Northern Ireland, but we cannot cover the cost of posting back to DCU for administrative reasons.
  • Personal information submitted will be used only for the purposes of administering and recording your postal loan order. Data will be deleted upon the discontinuation of this temporary postal loan service.
  • Where an ebook title is available online, we cannot post a print copy.
  • In the interests of fairness only one copy of a title can be posted per person.
  • Dissertations, Reference books, Cregan Teaching Collection story sacks and teaching kits are not included in this scheme.