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Creating links to books and e-journals

E-journal articles:

Most journal articles have a stable URL that you can link to. The majority of these are in DOI (digital object identifier) format. This is the recommended link to use where available.  

Other journals may provide their own stable links, sometimes called persistent links or permalinks.


Others still have no stable link or DOI provided, in which case you have to use the URL in the address bar as a link.  

For security reasons we use a proxy server. This means you have to use a prefix before links so that they are accessible for students both on and off campus

Articles with a DOI

1. Identify and copy the DOI for the article you want to link to. You'll usually find this on the article's bibliographic record page or in the full text article itself. DOI links can look slightly differently depending on the journal, e.g:

DOI: 10.1002/hrm.20045

Copy the numerical part of the DOI link only and be sure to exclude any spaces.

So for the above examples:



2. Add this prefix before the DOI

So the above examples will look like this:

Articles without a DOI

1. Identify and copy the stable link / permalink on the page or, where there is no explicitly identified link, use the URL in the address bar as a link., e.g.…

2. Add this prefix before the link: 

So, for the example above:


You can link to the library catalogue records for books in print and e-book format. If it’s an e-book, students can click on the links to read it online. If it’s a print book, students can get the information they need to find the book in the Library.

1. Search the catalogue for the book you want to link to. Click on the title link to get the full bibliographic record. If it is available in both print and e-book format, choose the format you wish to link to as they will have different URLs.

2. In the address bar you will see something like this:…

Copy the URL from the start to the end of the item number e.g:

That is the stable link to the bibliographic record for that title in print.

Note that there is a different stable link for the same title in e-book format: