Open Access Agreements

You may have seen the recent press release by Minister Harris welcoming the successful moves by Irish HEIs with academic publishers in making their research open and accessible.

DCU along with the Irish Research eLibrary (IReL), is actively engaged in negotiating open access publishing agreements with a growing number of scholarly publishers.  

These agreements, with publishers such as Elsevier, AIP, Wiley, the Company of Biologists or the Microbiology Society, ensure that scholarly research outputs are freely available online to all, with no, or limited, licence restrictions.

Information regarding our current publishing arrangements is available on the DCU library website.

Members of DCU’s academic community are increasingly taking advantage of the benefits associated with publishing their research open access. Using one of these agreements means that people will not have to have a subscription to the journal to read your work, thus increasing the visibility and the impact of your research. 

Furthermore, many funding bodies, such as SFI, require that grantees make their research outputs openly accessible. These agreements mean you do not have to pay an APC from your own funds to meet this requirement.

In most cases you need to be a corresponding author. If you are, then the process of publishing open access is seamless with publishers providing step-by-step guides for corresponding authors. All correspondence from the publisher comes to the corresponding author and this person is responsible for the submission of the manuscript. The corresponding author will always be asked to provide an active institutional email address.

Each library will have someone at hand to help you avail of these agreements. For DCU if you have any questions please contact Fran Callaghan.