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How to borrow, renew, pay fines,
 and use the My Account feature

Self Issue Machines

The Self Issue Machines allow you to self-issue any items you wish to borrow, return or renew.
They also allow you to check your online library account, known as "My Account". 

 O'Reilly Library, Glasnevin Campus - 3 machines on Ground Floor
 Cregan Library, St. Patrick's Campus - 2 machines on Ground Floor and 1 machine in the Reserve Collection Room on the 1st floor.    



How do I borrow?

Your DCU student ID card is required before you may borrow items from the Library. Bring any item you wish to borrow, with your ID card, to the Self Issue Machines on the Ground Floor. 

How many items can I borrow and for how long? 


Type of StudentTotal LoansMain Lending 3 week & 1 weekShort LoanDVDs
Undergraduates14Up to 14 Maximum of 2   Maximum of 2   
Taught Postgraduates20Up to 20 Maximum of 2 Maximum of 2 
Research Postgraduates20Up to 20 , 3 week loans for Semester   Maximum of 2 Maximum of 2 
Open Education Students20Up to 20 , 3 week loans for 4 weeksMaximum of 2 Maximum of 2 
Staff20 Up to 20 , 3 week loans for Semester   Maximum of 2 Maximum of 2 
Alumni, External Members  14 Up to 14 NoneMaximum of 2

Can I borrow without my ID card?

No, you must have your own valid ID card to borrow material from the Library.

Can someone else borrow using my ID card?

No, it is a serious breach of security to give your ID card to someone else; cards are non-transferable. This applies both to accessing the Library and borrowing material.

How can I check to see when my loans are due to be returned?

You will receive an email listing items due for return through you DCU e-mail account. You should check this daily if you have a number of items on loan.

You can also check My Account in the Catalogue search box on the library homepage. To access your online account, enter your 8 digit student ID number and your library PIN (your library PIN can be requested from any of the library service desks). You will be brought to your account summary where you can view the items you currently have out on loan and check their due dates.

See My Account, in other tab, for more details.


Return & Renew

When do I have to return my loans?

To avoid fines and borrowing restrictions, all items must be returned to the library on or before closing time on the due date.

Short Loans (48 & 3 hour) must be returned on the due date and time printed on the Self Issue receipt.

You are also required to return an item by the revised due date if it has been recalled by the Library, see Recalls for more details.

Items on loan are the responsibility of the borrower until they are removed from your library account.

NOTE: you will not be able to borrow/renew if you have an overdue item on you account.


How do I return my loans?

- items can be returned at the Self Issue Machines when the library is open

- when the library is closed a book return bin is available at O'Reilly library on the external wall of the building, left of the revolving door. Material returned in this way will be removed from your account when the library is next open.

- items can also be posted to O'Reilly Library, DCU Glasnevin Campus, Dublin 9 or Cregan Library, DCU St. Patrick's Campus, Dublin 9.


How can I renew my loans?

You can renew your loans in a number of ways:

 - by selecting My Account just under the catalogue search box on the library website or on the top menu bar on the Library Catalogue.

 - by bringing the loans and your ID card to one of the Self Issue Machines on the ground floor. 

 - by telephoning the O'Reilly Library, Issue Desk at 01 700 5041 or Cregan Library, Reception at 01 8842170

 - by emailing your renewal request to (O'Reilly Library books) or (Cregan Library books)

NOTE: Short Loan (48/3hr) and 2 day loan DVDs may not be renewed.


Can I renew my loans if they are overdue?

No, if your loans are overdue you need to bring them to one of the Self Issue Machines to discharge them from your account. When the fines are paid and, provided there are no reservations on the items, you will be able to borrow them again.


Can I renew my loans if I have a fine on My Account?

No, all fines and charges must be cleared before you can renew.

NOTE: fines over €5 can be paid online. Click on Pay Fines button just under the catalogue search box on the library homepage. 


How many times can I renew a single loan?

You can renew each main lending item up to a maximum of 3 times.


When am I unable to renew my loans?

You will be unable to renew your loans when:

- there are overdue items on your account

- there are outstanding fines on your account

- you have reached the limit of 3 renewals per item

- the item you wish to renew is reserved by another borrower



Reserve / Recall

What is a reservation

If all main lending copies of a book are out on loan you may place a reservation on the title to put yourself next in line when one of the copies is returned. When the book is returned you will be notified by email to your DCU email account. The book will be held for 3 days at the Issue Desk in O'Reilly Library or Reception in Cregan Library, for you to collect.


How do I place a reservation

Search for the book on the library catalogue.

Click on Check Availability, ensure that all main lending copies are currently on loan (you cannot reserve short loan items).

Click on the Reserve button. You will be brought to another screen where you will be told Request succeeded (if the reservation goes through without any problems) or Request failed (if there is something on your account that is preventing the reservation - the system highlight the reason why the reservation request failed). If you no longer require a reservation you can cancel it from your account - click on My Account tab to see your reservation list, then click on Cancel.

NOTE: Short Loans (48/3 hour) and DVDs may not be reserved.


How do I know when an item comes in for me

You will recieve an email to you DCU email account asking you to collect the item within 3 working days. The item will be held in the library where it is shelved, O'Reilly or Cregan.


I have tried to place a reservation but it has been refused?

It may be that not all main lending copies of the book are out on loan, in which case there should be one or more copies on the shelves that you can borrow in the standard way. 

If the item is from the Short Loan or DVD collections you will be unable to reserve it.

If you have reached the maximum of 2 active reservations per student account (or the maximum of 5 reservations on Research Postgraduate accounts) you will be unable to reserve any further material until one of these is returned.


What is a recall?

If a book you have reserved is on long term loan, i.e. longer than 4 weeks, you can request that it be recalled for you.

Ensure you have placed a reservation on the item and then call to the Issue Desk (O'Reilly Library) or Reception (Cregan Library) to request the recall completely.


A book has been recalled and I still need to use it

All loans issued from the library are subject to recall therefore you are required to return the item.

When the recall is placed by Library staff, the due date of the loan is changed to a new date, 7 working days from the date the recall is placed. You will be notified about the recall and the new due date by email to your DCU email account.

If the item is not returned by this new due date, it will become overdue, fines will accrue and you will be restricted from borrowing/renewing any further material until the recall is returned.

When the recall is returned, you may place a reservation on the item to ensure you can have access to the item again.






If loans are not returned or renewed on or before the due date, they become overdue and fines are payable.

Short Loans (48 hour) must be returned on the due date and time printed on the receipt - these items may not be renewed. 

If a recalled item is not returned by the revised due date it will become overdue and fines payable, see Recalls for more details.

Borrowing restrictions will be imposed if there are charges exceeding €10 on your account or where a charge of any amount has been on your account for longer than 1 month.

Main Lending 3 weeks50c per day
Main Lending 1 week 50c per day
Short Loan 48hr50c per hour or part thereof
DVDs€2 per day


Are there any borrowing restrictions?

Yes, borrowing restrictions will be imposed:

- if there are fine charges exceeding €10 on your account or where a charge of any amount has been on your account for longer than 1 month.

- if there are overdue items on your account

- if an item on loan to you has been recalled by the Library and has not been returned by the revised due date.


My Account

My Account

My Account is an online facility on the Library Catalogue which allows you to view your library account.

The service allows you to:

- view your loans and check their due dates (please note that the due date on the Express Service receipt and the due date on your account will vary if a recall has been placed on the loan - the due date on your account is the correct date)

- renew your loans where this is allowed. See Renewals for details.

- check what reservation(s) you have currently requested. You will also have an option to cancel these if necessary.

- view any outstanding charges on your account

- pay any fines over €5 online

You can access My Account just under the catalogue search box on the library website or from the library catalogue. You will need your Library PIN to access your account. Your Library PIN is emailed to you and is also available from the library Issue Desk at O'Reilly Library or Reception at Cregan Library.


Laptop Loans

Laptop Loans 

Laptops are available to borrow from O'Reilly Library, in the printing & copying area on the ground floor  and Cregan Library, at Reception on the ground floor

Borrowing Rules

  - To borrow and return laptops you must have a valid DCU Student ID card

  - Only one laptop can be issued per transaction

  - Laptops are issued for 3 hours at a time

  - Laptops cannot be taken outside the Library



Late return50c per hour
Laptop requires repair €50
Laptop returned in an un-repairable condition  
(as specified by third party supplier)