Study Spaces

Study Spaces

DCU Library provides a variety of learning and study facilities in both libraries. You can choose to work quietly on your own, at a PC/Laptop, sit in a comfortable chair and read, or work with a group of students in one of our many group study areas. 

O'Reilly Library, DCU Glasnevin Campus

The Lounge

Located on the Ground Floor, the Lounge is a bright, colourful and relaxed space, with soft comfy furniture designed to encourage casual conversation and information group work. 

Group Study Rooms

Our 18 group study rooms located throughout the building are dedicated spaces designed to support groups of up to 6 students. The rooms are equipped with whiteboards, power points and digital screens to allow for practice of presentations and other group activities.  All rooms should be booked online - use the Online Booking System 

Mentoring Suite

The Mentoring Suite is a large room on the ground floor of the library and is all about flexibility and collaboration. It contains moveable furniture and whiteboards so that you can create your own group study spaces.

Information Commons

Information Commons, located on the ground floor provides a space for students who wish to use their own devices and work collaboratively with other students. The Commons is situated close to the library's Information Desk service where students can avail of one-to-one support on sourcing quality information for assignments and using the library's online and print resources and online tools and databases. The Commons is also situated close to the ISS help desk where students can get support accessing WiFi, printing, Loop, and other DCU IT services. 

Quiet Study Areas

The large open areas on the 1st and 2nd floors of the library are for quiet individual study. Please respect the study needs of your fellow students, and refrain from chatting or taking phone calls in these areas

Maths Learning Centre

The Library hosts the DCU Maths Learning Centre which is run by colleagues in the School of Mathematical Sciences. The centre provides free extra information support to students taking a mathematics course as part of their degree programme. It is located on the ground floor of the library, more information here.

Writing Centre

The Writing Centre, located on the ground floor, offers one-to-one assistance with academic writing to all undergraduate and postgraduate students. More information and the booking form is available here.

Sensory Pod

In support of DCU’s Autism friendly initiative DCU library provides a Sensory Pod which is specially designed for students on the Autism spectrum. The pod lets the student control their environment and de-stress in a calming yet futuristic, little space. Students who wish to use the room should contact to register for swipe access

Location:  O'Reilly Library - 1st floor 

Postgraduate Research & Training Suite

Our redeveloped Postgraduate study space is now open to all taught and research students.. This quiet room, located in the lower ground floor, is intended for individual study and research. Not suitable for group work – postgrads who wish to collaborate together should book a group study room, or use the Mentoring Suite space on the Ground Floor.

With a capacity of up to 80 students, this is a flexible and comfortable space with excellent WiFi available throughout. 

NB: library training sessions will take place in this room – a full schedule of events will be posted on the door each week.

Library Cafe

The Library Cafe is on the lower ground floor and is a great place to unwind and take a break. Hot food, teas and snacks available throughout the day.

Opening Hours:
    Monday - Thursday         9:30am – 8pm   and   Friday - Saturday        9:30am – 4pm


Cregan Library, DCU St. Patrick's Campus

Ground Floor - Library Café and Exhibition Space

There is a café situated on the ground floor of the library. The exhibition space is used to showcase library and visiting exhibitions. Power sockets for mobile devices and comfortable seating makes this an ideal space for student relaxation and collaboration. 

1st Floor - Collaborative Zone

Collaboration and group study are encouraged on the 1st floor. Library Information Services and ISS Help-desks are both located on this floor to support students with any queries they might have. Break out tables have been provided in the Junior Section for students working on teaching placement activities. Quick print PCs and a printing machine are also conveniently located on this floor.

Group study room G215 & G315

G215 & G315 are Group Study Rooms for students with screens, sockets, etc and holds up to 8 people. All rooms should be booked online - use the Online Booking System  

Digital learning labs

There are three digital learning labs with PCs and interactive whiteboards. When ICT classes are not taking place students can use the rooms as a study space. There are class timetables posted on the doors of the labs so students will know when the rooms need to be kept free.  

2nd Floor – Quiet zone

The second floor is a quiet study area where only a very low level of noise is allowed. There are study spaces, PCs and swivel chairs provided for student use. There are comfortable couches provided for relaxation at the front right hand corner of the library and also to the right of the stairs.

Writing Centre

G315 is booked by the Writing Centre for two clinics a week; students can book sessions online. Away from these times, students can use G315 for group work - two hour study slots are available and can be Booked Online

3rd Floor – Silent Zone

This floor has been designated a silent study zone, talking is not permitted. There are PCs and study spaces provided for students, swivel chairs by the balcony and comfortable couches at the front right of the floor. There is a “contemplation pod” area with seating which allows students to take a break from study.

Sensory Pod

In support of DCU’s Autism friendly initiative, Cregan library provides a sensory pod which enables students on the spectrum to escape from noise when it becomes overwhelming. Students who wish to use the room should contact to register for swipe access

Location: Cregan Library - 3rd Floor

Microfilm room

Microfiche readers and printers are not currently available In Cregan library. Contact for assistance