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Group Study Rooms 

Group Study Rooms are intended for students who wish to collaborate in groups for projects or other work. They are not intended for individual use.  Study Rooms may be booked/used by DCU registered students only. Rooms may not be booked/used by staff, external members or alumni members. 


Group Study Room Booking System 

The Group Study Room booking system shows you at a glance which rooms and time slots are available to be booked at any given time. Upon completing a booking, you will receive a confirmation email that can be forwarded on to other group members.  

                  Click on Book Online button now to book a room.                                       

 How Do I Book A Group Study Room?

  • Bookings are made online by clicking the Book Online Button or click on “Book a Study Room” on the Library home page.
  • Phone or email bookings are not possible.
  • Staff at the Information Desk can help with general queries but cannot book rooms on students’ behalf.
  • Rooms can be booked up to two weeks in advance.
  • Each student is permitted to book a maximum of one room for use in a single day.
  • Rooms can be booked up to 5 minutes before each available slot.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to the individual who completes the booking. Please remember to share this information with other members of your group.
  • If you wish to cancel a booking, please do so as soon as possible by clicking the “View/cancel existing booking” link on the online booking system page.

Conditions of use

  • Rooms that remain unoccupied 10 minutes after the allotted start time are deemed vacant and will be made available to other groups.
  • A maximum of 8 students are permitted in each group study room in O'Reilly Library
  • A maximum of 12 students are permitted in each group study room in Cregan Library
  • Standard Library rules apply in all group study rooms. This means no eating and no drinking (except from non-spill containers).
  • Students are required to keep noise levels down.
  • Please vacate rooms promptly at the end of a study session and remove all belongings.    

Location of Study Room 

Cregan Library - 2 Study Rooms, G215 which is located on Level 1 and G315 on Level 2. They have screens, sockets etc. and holds up to 12 people.

O'Reilly Library - 18 Study Rooms distributed throughout the Library:

Room NumberRoom TypeLocation*Equipped with **
11 hourGround floorWhiteboard
21 hourGround floorWhiteboard
31 hour1st floorWhiteboard
42 hour 1st floor Whiteboard 
51 hour 1st floor Whiteboard + LCD Monitor
61 hour 1st floor Whiteboard
71 hour 1st floor Whiteboard
81 hour 1st floor Whiteboard 
91 hour 1st floor Whiteboard + LCD Monitor
 101 hour 1st floor  Whiteboard + LCD Monitor
 111 hour  2nd floor Whiteboard
 121 hour  2nd floor Whiteboard
 13 2 hour  2nd floor Whiteboard
 14 2 hour  2nd floor Whiteboard
15 2 hour  2nd floor Whiteboard
16 2 hour  2nd floor Whiteboard
17 2 hour  2nd floor Whiteboard
18 2 hour  2nd floor Whiteboard + LCD Monitor

Floor plans showing the location of each room are available here

**Rooms equipped with LCD Monitors are suitable for laptop presentations. Cables are available to be borrowed at the Issue Desk. If you would like to use a whiteboard please visit the Information Desk on the ground floor to pick up markers and cloth.