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Printing, Photocopying & Scanning


You can print, copy or scan materials on the multifunctional devices located throughout both Libraries.


  • O'Reilly Library
    Ground Floor - 5 machines   /   1st & 2nd Floors - 1 machine on each floor
  • Cregan Library
    Ground Floor - 3 machines   /   1st Floor - 3 machines   /   2nd & 3rd Floor - 1 machine on each floor


  • SafeQ is the printing management system in DCU - Log-on here
  • In order to print, copy or scan you must first deposit money on to your SafeQ account  
  • You can top-up your account online using a debit/credit card or purchase credit at the Library Issue Desks 
  • For more information about how to use SafeQ, please see the Printing Information on the ISS website.



Printing from PCs in the Library

  • If you are a student you can print from any PC once you've logged in using your DCU Network username and password. This allows you to print to any of the multifunction machines on any floor of the Library
  • Print jobs are submitted to a queue rather than a specific printer and you collect your print jobs from any of the devices in the library. 
  • Simply touch your ID card on the Target image on the machine and your print job list will appear. 
  • Select PRINT ALL or select whichever job you want released (You can also log in by typing in your user name and password into the touch screen panel)
  • If the job is a colour one, select auto colour on the printer menu panel to confirm your preference
  • Printing, photocopying and scanning work on a credit-based system. Top up your account balance online through the SuperQ print management system using a credit or debit card.
  • Top-up code vouchers for €2 are available to purchase at the Issue desk  

Printing from your laptop

  • Full details and video instructions are here 

Colour printing

  • All of the machines print in colour - simply select auto colour or full colour on the menu panel, according to your preference.

How long will my job remain in the queue?

  • Jobs remain in the print queue for 2 hours.  After that they are deleted from the queue, but no charge is made.

What if I forget my Student ID card?

  • Use the touchpad screen on any of the multifunction machines to type in your network username and password.

Can I print from my USB?

  • Yes.  No need to log in to a computer, just print directly from your USB flash drive - pdf, gif, jpg & tiff  files ONLY 
N.B.  Don't forget to LOG OUT!

Printing, Photocopying & Scanning Charges

Black & White           8c12c16c28c
Scanning2c N/A 


How do I photocopy?

  • Touch your ID card on the Target on the multifunction machine
  • Select "Use Copier Functions" on the  machine
  • Place your originals on the feed tray or the glass
  • Select the number of copies you want and press the Start button
  • When you have collected your copies, don't forget to LOG OUT

What types of photocopying can I do?

  • Standard A4 & A3 copying (b&w and colour)
  • Copying onto acetates (b&w and colour)
  • Document finishing: stapling, sorting
  • Reducing, enlarging, double-sided and more....

Printing and Photocopying Charges

Black & White8c12c16c28c
Scanning2c N/A 


Scanning in the Library

  • Touch your ID card on Target to begin
  • Select "Use Copier Functions" on the  machine
  • You can scan to email or to your USB flash drive
  • Cost of scanning is 2c per A4 page 


The ISS Service Desk is staffed by the Information Systems and Services (ISS) Department.

Staff at this desk will help with all your IT problems or questions about network issues, retrieving lost files, hardware problems, PC access, printing and photocopying.


  • O'Reilly Library -  Ground Floor; printing/photocopying area 
  • Cregan Library -  First Floor, in front of Informations Services  
 Opening Hours O'Reilly LibraryCregan Library
Monday - Thursday08.30 - 20.0008.30 - 20.00
Friday08.30 - 17.00 08.30 - 17.00
Saturday12.00 - 15.0012.00 - 15:00

Check out the ISS A-Z of Services for general information about IT access and support on campus.



Photocopying material must comply with the Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000.
Please read the copyright notices displayed beside the multifunction machines.