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Social dialogue during the economic crisis: The impact of industrial relations reforms on collective bargaining in the manufacturing sector (EC, VS/2013/0409 - DCU co-applicant) 

Against the background of a profound economic crisis in Europe, wide-ranging labour market reforms are radically transforming national systems of collective bargaining in a number of EU Member States. This project seeks to examine how the crisis-driven policy reforms impact on collective bargaining in manufacturing sectors in seven countries severely affected by the crisis, namely Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain. Specific questions include: What have been the effects of the reforms for the process, content and outcomes of collective bargaining at the national, sectoral and company levels? How do trade unions and employers respond to the new regulatory framework? This comparative study is based on qualitative primary data. Data is collected via in-depth interviews with key informants at the national, sectoral and company levels in each country (i.e. trade unions officials, managers, employers and employers' associations' officials, government' officials). Apart from cross-national learning and knowledge exchange for social partners, this project aims to contribute to addressing the employment and social dimensions of the national and EU policy-making relating to the exit from the crisis. 

Documents and Reports on this project can be accessed here.