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The HR-Performance link: Identifying key HR practices in Irish hospitals as a precursor to exploring effective delivery mechanisms

This research set out to identify the link between HR practices and employee, patient and organisational outcomes in the Irish hospital sector. In a resource-constrained public sector context, this will facilitate the prioritisation of these practices, to support service delivery.

The research was undertaken in three stages.  Stage 1 involved a consultation phase and the preparation of the literature review. Stage 2 involved the development and distribution of the survey instrument, and analysis of the associated data. Stage 3 involved the feedback and validation of the findings; the preparation of a practitioner report and briefing paper and; the preparation of papers for publication in academic journals,  in the health and public policy fields. Further detail regarding the completion of the research stages is provided below.

Project Team: Professor Patrick Flood, Dr Edel Conway, Dr Janine Bosak (Link), Dr Aoife McDermott, Cardiff University, Dr. Kenneth Cafferkey, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (Malaysia)