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LINK Research Institute

LINK Seminars Spring Schedule 2012 






  9th October


  Prof. Robert Trumble



 Forces & Trends in Higher Education: The US & Education: The US Ireland

 23rd October Prof. Alistair Mutch   Bringing religion back in: Institutional logic and religious practice
30th October Karina Howleey, head of CSR KPMG


Corporate Social Responsibility at KPMG
13th Nobember Dr. Claire Armstrong  
Leading diverse teams: The effect of team demography on leadership and team performance
20th November Dr. Jennifer Farrell   The Role of Positive Work Relationships in Promoting Proactivity at Work: Evidence from Independently Owned Hospitals in Ireland
27th November Prof. David Collings                                                        
Temporal asymmetry and the disruption of the socio-temporal order: Institutional
maintenance as an unintended consequence of practical-evaluative agency
4th December Prof. Rob Poell    The Learning-Network Theory: Human Resource Development Strategies of Employees and Managers 

All Workshops in DCU Business School on Tuesday (Room Q303) at 11am
(unless otherwise stated)

Direct Questions & Comments to Dr. Claire Gubbins, LINK Series Facilitator