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LINK Seminars Spring Schedule 2012 






 7th February


Dr. Clara Kulich



The performance-based gender pay gap – Carrots & sticks for men but not for women?

 17th February

Dr. Stephen Kinsella   Ireland in 2020, Economy, Politics, & Society

 21st February

Dr. Fiona Edgar


Determinants of Knowledge Worker Performance: What is it that really counts?
28th February  Dr. Donncha Kavanagh  
Work & play in management studies: A
Kleinian analysis

6th March 

Prof. Eugene Sadler-Smith     Unpacking intuition

27th March

Prof. Martin Marshal                       
The Science of Improvement: Its Utility to Academia & Health Service Providers                                
10th April Dr. Anna John    Consumer Reactions to Imports: A Reactance Theory Perspective
17th April Dr. Claire Gubbins   The Influence of Social Capital on the Career Success & Development of HR Business Partners 

All Workshops in DCU Business School on Tuesday (Room Q303) at 11am
(unless otherwise stated)

Direct Questions & Comments to Dr. Claire Gubbins, LINK Series Facilitator