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LINK Research Institute

LINK Seminars Spring Schedule 2014 








18th February                       




Prof. Catherine Cassell and Prof. Brian Lee





Advances in Qualitative Data Analysis

11th March

Dr. Maria Tomprou

Diary Studies in Organisational Research: The Method of Diary Surveys & Strategy of Analysis

1st April

Dr. Anna Horodecka

How less tangible concepts of human nature can be explored to identify connections with variables for organisational life

8th April

Prof. Jack McCarthy

Leadership Development Research & Practice

23rd April

Prof. Tiziana Casciaro

  Publishing in those pesky top journals: Reviewers, editors, and Good Research

29th April                               

Dr. Matevz Raskovic                               

Looking for the ways of adopting economic sociology thinking in studying transnational companies: shuffling key concepts with the help of the world cafe method                                

Please register your interest to attend with Crea Lambert ( Please direct all other enquiries to Edel Conway (